Marvel Snap Winterverse Event Guide: Details, Rewards and more

Here's everything about Winterverse event!

Being the best game of the year 2022, the consistency shown by Marvel Snap is out of the box. Currently, the game is coming up with its Power Cosmic and Hype the Hero events and thus they have planned a new event to launch for the players and let them celebrate the Winters virtually with the Marvel characters as well. The event, Winterverse is a new event from Marvel Snap that started on the 20th of December and will stay till the end of the first week of January. During the span of the event, players will get numerous exciting rewards that help them grow stronger in the game. 

Marvel Snap Winterverse: Event Overview 

The new event was introduced by the officials of Marvel Snap through their social media handles on the 21st of December, 2022. The officials announced the Winterverse event and also made the players aware of all the sets of rewards they are going to win during these event days. The event started on 20th December and will last till 2nd of January. Players will get daily login rewards till 2nd January along with several new bundles and new cards. 

All these login rewards include fascinating Avatars, Golds, Credit points, and Boosters. With a huge surprise in the play, Marvel Snap will also reward players with a new Samuel L. Jackson autographed Nick Fury card which will cost 5 points and will come up with 7 Power Points. Winterverse will also come up with various new variant cards which will be discussed below. 

Marvel Snap Winterverse: Event Rewards

Marvel Snap has also announced all the details regarding the rewards players will receive during the event days. The rewards list starts off with the 14 days of daily login rewards where players will receive fascinating rewards every day.

Marvel Snap Winterverse event
Image via Nuverse

Check out the daily login rewards list below:

DateDaily Login Reward
20 December 100 Credits 
21 December 30 Boosters 
22 December100 Gold
23 December 100 CRedits 
24 December 150 Credits 
25 December Nick Fury Variant 
26 December 200 Gold 
27 December 50 Credits 
28 December30 Angel card Boosters 
29 December 100 Credits 
30 December 30 Boosters
31 December Black Panther Avatar 
1 January 500 Credits 
2 January 200 Gold

The game has also introduced a new card of Nick Fury which will come along with the signature of the actor of Nick Fury himself, Samuel L. Jackson.

Winterverse Nick Fury
Image via Nuverse

The game will also reward players with several new variants, the list follows up as:

  1. Abomination Winterverse Edition 
  2. Ebony Maw Winterverse Edition
  3. Patriot Winterverse Edition
  4. Rockslide Winterverse Edition
  5. Rogue Winterverse Edition

Marvel Snap will introduce a new Winterverse Bundle for the players which will include;

Marvel Snap Winterverse event
  1. Sunspot Winterverse variant 
  2. Sunspot Winterverse avatar
  3. 2000 Collector’s Token 
  4. 8000 Credits 
  5. 100 Sunspot Boosters
  6. “Tacos after This?” Title

Marvel Snap Winterverse Guide: Tips and Tricks

Marvel Snap’s new event, Winterverse, is full of exciting rewards and thus players can get a lot of benefits with their help of them. Following are some tips for the players that will help them utilize the rewards in the correct way:

  1.  Players will receive a gallon of in-game currencies such as Gold and Credits that can help them upgrade their cards and even help them buy new powerful cards. 
  2. The new cards and their variants will help the players to build up a stronger deck than before and help them rock over the matches. 
  3. Players will receive a huge amount of Boosters that can help them upgrade their cards and come up with new variants for them. 
  4. Open the game every day and receive those exciting and amazing Daily Login rewards that will help them gain more in-game currencies and even a new card of Nick Fury. 
  5. Play more matches, rank up yourself, and get featured with more awesome rewards from the Winterverse event to boost your deck of cards at a faster rate. 

Final Thoughts

Marvel Snap has yet again come up with their new event, “Winterverse” which is more exciting than the previous one. The game is coming up with straight 14 days of daily login rewards along with new cards, bundles, variants, and avatars. On this special occasion, Marvel Snap is also giving players a Nick Fury card which is signed by Samuel L. Jackson. Thus, don’t miss the chance and enjoy your winters with the Winterverse event. 

What are your thoughts about the Marvel Snap Winterverse event? Let us know in the comment section below!

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