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MGCM Magical Girls: The Complete Resources Guide and Tips

Confused about how to get MGCM Magical Girls resources quickly?

MGCM Magical Girls is a maiden-themed Gacha RPG on mobile by Gae Mobile Limited. In this game, players will have to work on managing a team of magical girls, to drive out the darkness and defeat the demons. MGCM Magical Girls feature various modes and battle types that will reward you with all kinds of resources. This is a guide to help you farm for resources quickly and where to effectively use them.

Farming Resources in MGCM Magical Girls

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Players mostly use MGCM magical girls resources to upgrade their dresses into giving stronger stats for your characters. There are several places where you can farm resources quickly and effectively.

1. Magic Silks and Bells

The effective way to farm for Magic Silk and Bells is definitely through the Daily Quests. However, since the rewards get better the higher the stages but also use more stamina, you want to make sure you quickly pass into the last stage early on.

If you follow our beginner’s guide for your first time playing, you will be guaranteed to clear level 4 of both the Training Ripples and the Fortune Ripples. After acquiring several Magic Silks and Bells, use it to upgrade your dresses and then challenge a higher level of both Ripples.

2. Gems

Gems are colorful resources that you can use to upgrade the skills of your dresses. And the best way to get it is from the Daily Quests. Like the Training and Fortune Ripples, you want to make sure you get to the higher level quickly since, with gems, there is a schedule for the availability of different gems. 

3. Orbs

Orbs are items that you can equip your dresses to increase their stats. And one of the best ways to farm for them is through the Event Quests, where you can battle enemies to acquire Orb Core Shards. You can collect enough Orb Core Shards to start creating your Orbs.

Best ways to spend your Resources in MGCM Magical Girls

Of course, you should use resources on your most powerful dresses if you want to get stronger in battles. If you want to know what dresses you need to focus on, you can additionally check our Dress Tier List to discover the best dresses.

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