Minecraft 1.19 Guide: How to Tame and Breed Frogs

Minecraft 1.19 update features several new mobs and biomes to the game!

Players experienced the preview of Frogs, a new mob that arrived in Minecraft in the Wild 1.19 update. Minecraft players have known about frogs for a few years now as they were almost added to the game during the biome vote. Minecraft players on mobile can already play with these amphibious creatures as they have been added to the Bedrock edition as an experimental feature. Like many other mobs in Minecraft, players can tame them by feeding them. In our guide, we will tell you how you can tame and breed Frogs in Minecraft 1.19.

Frogs in Minecraft 1.19

Frogs are goofy little mobs that hop around in swamp biomes. So far, they don’t do a lot on their own. They just hop, ribbit, and all that’s about it. They also hate the taste of slimes though, both slime balls and enemy slimes. Frogs will attack Slimes with their tongues, instantly despawning them and dropping slime balls which are critical for items like Leads and sticky pistons.

Minecraft 1.19 Frogs
Image via Mojang Studios

They also have a taste for tiny Magma cubes which turn into frog lights. Similar to Glow stone and Sea lanterns, Frog lights will be equally good at lighting and decorating, and they’ll even come in three varieties.

Players can attach multiple leads to a group of amphibians and can walk around killing these mobs. Depending on the size of the slime, more slime balls will drop. You can gather additional materials with a looting enchantment on a weapon, but only if they get the finishing blow. Rarely, baby pandas too will sneeze out extra slimeballs for players to collect as well. Slimes spawn underground also in the Minecraft’s swamp biome. Occasionally, traders can also offer slime for a price of four emeralds

How to breed Frogs in Minecraft

Frogs in Minecraft grow from tadpoles. It is important how you raise your tadpole as it will determine what kind of frog it grows into. You can find those tadpoles swimming around underwater in their natural habitats where they will grow up into frogs on their own. If you’d like to take a little tadpole home, you can just scoop it up in a bucket and bring it along with your inventory the way you can with an axolotl underwater.

Frogs Minecraft
Image via Mojang Studios

However, Frog breeding is initially the same as breeding other animals. You’ll feed a slime ball to two nearby frogs to enter the love mode. After that, one frog finds find some nearby water and deposits. “Frogspawn” is a little cluster of eggs on top of the surface. They eventually turn out into tadpoles that will swim around. 

Did you find our guide on how to tame and breed Frogs in Minecraft 1.19 helpful? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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