Minecraft 1.19 Guide: Tips to find the Allay and use them

This method of finding Allay in Minecraft works for both Java and Bedrock editions!

There’s a special feature introduced to Minecraft in the 1.19 wild updateAllay takes the title of the latest and adorable mob in the game. It will find items for you, can work as a portable chest, and also players can make automatic farms with this Allay. Unfortunately, certain players aren’t able to meet these cute Allays due to their rare spawn locations. In our guide, we’ll tell you where to find and use Allay by covering the exact locations in Minecraft 1.19.

Where to find Allay in Minecraft 1.19

The Allay Don’t have their natural habitat. You’ll find them captive in pillager outposts and woodland mansions, which means that you’ll have to embark on a rescue to make friends. 

Pillager Outposts

Minecraft 1.19 Pillager Outpost
Image via Mojang Studios

Similar to Iron Golems, Allay spawns trapped inside wooden cages generated around pillager outposts. Each cage can carry three Allays at a time. Players will have to break the wooden structure to help Allay escape. Once freed, they start wandering around until they find dropped items. 

Woodland Mansions

Mansions are one of the most dangerous structures yet available in the Minecraft game. Because they are home to creepers, vindicators, evokers, zombies, hostile mobs, Pillagers, and more. But even with these horrible scenarios, the available treasures of the mansions are impressive too.

Minecraft 1.19 Allay Mansion
Image via Mojang Studios

There is a vast room within the Mansion, usually on Ground flour. It has four cobblestone cages, each carrying 3 Allays trapped inside them. Players can use the lever outside the cages to help rescue the Allay with a door opening. So, with one mansion you can get 12 Allays at once. 

Use of Allay in Minecraft 1.19

Allay’s only function in the game is to find items and collect items. It selects a specific item and looks for its copies throughout the loaded chunks. Also, an Allay can collect items in the following scenarios:

  • Other than dropped items, Allay can also accept items from users. It keeps the original for itself and searches for duplicates but in between keeps coming back to its player.
  • If an Allay finds an item being dropped nearby, it picks up that dropped item. Afterward, Allay gives that item to the player nearby and then starts searching for copies.
  • At last, it also picks randomly thrown items and also tries to return them to their original owner. 

How to use Allay in the Minecraft

You can create automatic sorting systems to collect similar items in the same area or around the chest. An Allay can also make the collection system in farms automatic and much faster without using complex Redstone mechanics

Minecraft 1.19 Find and use ALLAY
Image via Mojang Studios

As Allays can hold up to 64 copies of a stackable item at a time, players can make use of it as a portable storage option. Allays in a group can collect items for you quickly after an Explosion or killing mobs. You can also use Allay to find your lost or accidentally dropped items within loaded wooden chunks. But you must carry a duplicate copy of that lost item.

Did you find our guide on where to find Allay and use them in Minecraft 1.19 helpful? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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