Minecraft Guide: Tips to get Sugarcane in the game

Here's how to get Sugarcane quickly!

Since its beginning, Minecraft has been a game that has continuously grown and evolved. Regular updates are released with new features, items, and blocks added all the time. One of the latest additions to the game is Sugarcane, a renewable resource that players can use to create both food and tools. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get sugarcane in Minecraft so that you can start harvesting it for your use.

How to get Sugarcane in Minecraft

Sugarcane is a common item found in Minecraft. It can be found in various biomes, including jungles, swamps, and savannas. There are a few different ways to obtain sugarcane. The first is by destroying the tall reeds that grow in water. You can find these reeds in any body of water, including oceans and rivers. When destroyed, they will drop between one and three pieces of sugarcane.

Minecraft Sugarcane
Image via Mojang Studios

Another way to get sugarcane is by destroying the small patches of grass that grow on Sand blocks near water. These patches have a chance of dropping sugarcane when destroyed. Once you have obtained some sugarcane, you can plant it on any type of soil. Sugarcane will grow quickly and you can harvest it when it reaches a height of three blocks. Then you can craft each block of sugarcane into different Sugar items.

Uses of Sugarcane in Minecraft

Players can use Sugarcane to craft a variety of items in Minecraft, including sugar, paper, and books. 

Minecraft Sugar
Image via Mojang Studios
  • Sugar: Craft sugar by placing sugarcane in a crafting grid and use it to sweeten foods and potions.
  • Paper: You can make paper by placing sugarcane on a crafting grid and use it in the creation of maps, books, and banners.
  • Books: Craft Books by placing paper and sugarcane in a crafting grid and using them for Enchanting and Anvils.

Sugarcane is a valuable resource in Minecraft, and it truly can be difficult to find. In this guide, we’ve outlined some of the best ways to get sugarcane in Minecraft.

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