Mobile Legends ALLSTAR 2024 Event Guide: Unlock free heroes, skins, and rewards

Get the Esmeralda “Astral Muse” skin for free!

Just as it debuted last year in 2023, the ALLSTAR event returned again in March 2024. The 2024 ALLSTAR event even promises greater rewards, including many free heroes and skins for grabs. This ALLSTAR event brings along a new hero, Chip making this event entirely intriguing for players to participate in. In this guide, we will be taking a close look at all the upcoming ALLSTAR event in 2024 as well as their main rewards in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). Not only this, MOONTON Games is also hosting a bunch of physical events based on ALLSTAR theme in the Philippines.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ALLSTAR 2024 Events

The ALLSTAR event in March 2024 introduces some new intriguing events. The ALLSTAR-themed events are stated below:

Team Up, Enjoy the Beats

This event releases the new ALLSTAR skin for Esmeralda. The Skin is titled “Astral Muse” and would feature a musical like ALLSTAR-theme. Obtaining this skin is quite similar to last year’s free ALLSTAR skin.

Players would have to log in daily and complete the free daily tasks to gain points and then obtain the skin. The free skin would be available in reaching 1600 points in the event. More details of the changes are revealed in the Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.66 Update.

Image via MOONTON Games

Players would also be able to obtain the Painted skin of Esmeralda’s Astral Muse skin by completing tasks like playing with friends and increasing affinity.


The ALLSTAR event would be introducing the new SPARKLE skins, which have heroes like Fredrinn, Melissa, and Estes possessing these exquisite artist skins. The sparkle Skins would not be debuting at the same time, as obtaining the skins is a bit different from each other. Nonetheless, below is a compiled list of how to obtain the Sparkle skins:

Image via MOONTON Games
  • SPARKLE Melissa will be released on the 16th of March, 2024, and will be available in an exclusive event in which players can easily obtain the skin as well as the Bonus painted skin. The skin would be discounted when the event debuts. Thus, players can obtain the skin and its painted skin for as low as 399/599 diamonds depending on whether they purchase the Classic/Deluxe Album.
  • SPARKLE Fredrinn: This skin will be available for purchase at the store when it releases on the 28th of March. It would cost 899 diamonds when it was released. However, players can use the promo diamonds to further reduce skin costs.
  • SPARKLE Estes: This skin will be available for purchase at the store when it releases on the 21st of March. It would cost 899 diamonds when it was released. However, players can use the promo diamonds to further reduce skin costs.

If you do not know which heroes have the ALLSTAR-themed skins from the past, you can check the complete skinline.

How to get MLBB ALLSTAR items for free

Participate in all the ALLSTAR events to get Sparkle Glow Stick. Use these to exchange event-exclusive skins and special items in the ALLSTAR event shop. This event shop will be open until April 30th.

How to get Sparkle Glow Stick

You can get several Sparkle Glow Stick from various events. Find the detailed calculation I have shared below. You can obtain up to 1790 pieces during the whole event.

Event NameDurationSparkle Glow Sticks You Can Earn
ALLSTAR 2024 Coming SoonMarch 8 to March 1530
Team Up, Enjoy The BeatsMarch 16 to March 31300
ALLSTAR Enjoy The BeatsMarch 16 to April 3030
Sparkle MelissaMarch 16 to April 30350
ALLSTAR Login GiftsMarch 23 to April 25100
ALLSTAR Bingo BoardApril 1 to April 18320
ALLSTAR Sparkle SupportApril 6 to April 15330 – 400
ALLSTAR Cosmic WanderarApril 9 to April 24260

MLBB ALLSTAR Shop Free Rewards

The following items can only be exchanged through the event shop

  • Sparkle Spawn Effect – March 16
  • 2 Returning items from 515 event – March 16
  • Hero Selection Chest (Moskov, Fredrin, Estes, Esmeralda, Melissa) – March 16
  • Apple Doom of Elimination Effect (Trial) – March 25

MLBB ALLSTAR Redeemable Rewards

These items you can redeem even if you do not have the time to participate in all the events every single day.

  • Esmeralda Astral Muse skin – April 1
  • Esmeralda Steller Muse skin – April 1
  • ALLSTAR Avatar Border – April 1
  • ALLSTAR Battle Emote Easy Peasy – April 9
  • Lolita Astromallet Skin – April 25
  • Sparkle Recall Effect – April 25

New ALLSTAR-themed map

For a limited time, a new ALLSTAR-themed map debuted on the 16th of March, 2024. This map features flashy elements with exquisite turret designs and a more flashy Lord and turtle in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Brawless Beats: Brand-new Mode

Image via MOONTON Games

A new ALLSTAR-themed arcade mode is coming soon. This mode seems to be quite similar to the Ravage mode in structure and gameplay. Nonetheless, it promises to be fun when it begins on the 4th of April, 2024 till the 19th of April, 2024.

ALLSTAR Promo Diamonds

Just like last year, the March 2024 ALLSTAR event is going to be featuring the return of Promo diamonds. The promo diamonds can be used to purchase skins at discounted prices. However, to use it players have to meet its minimum requirement which is at least 1 diamond for any buyable skin purchase. Provided the player has enough Promo diamonds for the skin.

Players can also use the promo diamonds to buy the exclusive Sparkle skins but it comes with a higher minimum diamonds requirement. To know more about the Promo Diamonds event in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, please refer to our article here.

Mobile Legends All-Star Promo Diamonds event
Image via MOONTON Games

Nonetheless, the Promo diamonds are worth it. It’s expected to be available by ending of March 2024 and will be available for use in early April 2024.

Mobile Legends (MLBB) ALLSTAR Event: Last Encore

The ALLSTAR Bonus event, which is “ALLSTAR Last Encore” is available now. Players must select the limited skin they want and redeem it for free! From the 31st of March, 2024 to the 30th of April, 2024, one can complete event tasks to collect “Wish Skin Fragment”. They can redeem one of the skins below which are the likes of Gatotkaca “Arhat King” and Natalia “Deadly Mamba”.

Mobile Legends ALLSTAR Event 2024: Other Patch Releases

New Hero

The All-Star event is going to be bringing about the release of the new hero Chip. This hero is quite intriguing as he possesses the ability to create and maximize Portals on the battlefield. His most intriguing skill is his ultimate that creates a portal that allows allies regardless of where they’re to instantaneously reach Chip’s designated Portal location. This and many more awesome skills would allow for lots of combos and intriguing outplays for players.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.54 Update, Mobile Legends Chip Game News Guide Cover, Mobile Legends March 2024 Leaks
Image via MOONTON Games

The new hero Chip releases on March 16th, 2024.

Gaming Controls Optimization

The devs are going to be optimizing the attack control, making it easier for heroes to attack even while moving. This would further make things fun for Marksman role heroes who lack much mobility as they are now more capable of attacking even whilst fleeing. This new update arrives on the 16th of March, 2024.

What are your thoughts on the Mobile Legends ALLSTAR 2024 Event? Tell us in the comments below!

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