NEKO GOLF – Anime GOLF Beginners Guide and Tips

Master your swing and Tour vast courses!

NEKO GOLF – Anime GOLF a popular Japanese sports game, gives users the opportunity to explore golf with an anime twist. The characters included in the game are Hero Golfer, Charlotte, Liam, Oscuro, Rain, Marl, and Yukimura. The game is developed by Colopl Inc, a Japanese game developer. This game allows the players to not only customize your golf club but also their characters. This Neko Golf Beginners Guide will help you master the game with a certain ease.

The game is called Shironeko Golf in Japan, Shironeko in itself is a pretty famous series. They have previously made many Anime based sports games. This game got pretty popular in Japan when it was released and because of Neko Golf’s popularity in Japan, the developers launched it globally.

Introducing the Basics of NEKO GOLF

Neko Golf presents the sport of golf in style because the in-game animation and graphics look pretty good. The overall theme of the game is heavy on anime because of which the players can expect characters that look straight from an anime series.

Neko Golf, Neko Golf title page
Image via COLOPL, Inc.

The one thing, this game doesn’t struggle with is the option. You get options straight from the beginning of the game, whether it’s your golf club, your character, or your powerups, there is always something to unlock and a variety of options to choose from.

Understanding the Game modes

Neko Golf offers two different game modes. The first one is Casual mode, where you take on a random opponent based on your tier level. The match is of two rounds, where the player with the lesser shot wins. The second type is the battle mode. Battle mode is different from casual mode because in the battle mode you get more Tour points, the rest is the same.

Apart from battle and casual mode, there is a third mode as well, known as Free match. This is not a main category game mode because here you can organize a private match with your friends. You can simply invite them and play with them.

Neko Golf has a PvP-based matchmaking system

Neko Golf is formatted to be a global PVP game, with you taking on random other players in the game. Each game is set up after a thorough matchmaking system which ensures that players take on their opponents based on their tier system. The more matches you’ll play against the opposition, the more tour points you will collect. The game is based on tour points, leveling up in the game is done through Tour Points.

Neko Golf
Image via Colopl Inc

New features are unlocked through collecting Tour points because of which it is essential for players to collect as many tour points as possible in the early stages. Getting more tour points in the early stages will surely help players to buy better equipment later on in the game.

Mastering the Golf Clubs

Neko Golf Guide, Neko Golf
Image via COLOPL, Inc.

Your Golf club is very important for your success in the game and Neko Golf has a variety of different golf clubs. Neko Golf has different classes of golf clubs that have their own tier classes to classify them further. Choosing the right club is important because each Golf Club offers different perks. You can get new and better Golf clubs by completing In-game events.

NEKO GOLF – Anime GOLF Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After hours of gameplay, we have listed the following tips in our guide to making life easier for beginners in NEKO GOLF.

1. Understand the different skills of your character

In Neko Golf, there are seven playable characters. Choosing the right one is important because each character offers something different. For example, the primary character Hero Golfer has control shots as the main power-up. This helps while taking tee shots because it controls the ball mid-air and reduces the deviations of shots taken.

2. Playing Free matches also give rewards

Neko Golf Guide, Neko Golf
Image via COLOPL, Inc.

Rewards are not just awarded for battle and casual modes. They are also awarded for games you play with your friends in private settings. It is easier to win rewards in Free matches because here you can set up matches according to your comfort. For example. The number of holes you want to play in one round can be customized which it would be easier to win rewards.

3. Keep an eye out for the Bonus Missions

Missions are very important because they give money and rewards for completion. They provide great rewards and should not be missed. missions can be accessed through the main menu. Missions are further divided into four categories which are Beginner, Daily, and Special. Each section is important because missions are different in each category.

4. Master all the different shots in Neko Golf

The number of shots available in Neko Golf is pretty vast. Following is the number of shots we have compiled after investing hours of game time into Neko Golf.

Neko Golf Guide, Neko Golf
Image via COLOPL, Inc.
  1. Lob shot– The shot you take when you are far away from the hole. The main aim is to get the ball as close to the hole as possible.
  2. Overshot– The most powerful and accurate shot in the game. Achieved by timing the shot right
  3. Bunker shot– The shot you take if you mishit your shot and land in the mud spots. The main aim of the shot is to get the ball back on the golf track.
  4. Fade– Fade is a trajectory shot and gives control over the shot, because of this shot, the ball does not bounce once it touches the ground.
  5. Draw– Draw is a trajectory shot and adds more movement to the shot as the ball rolls on once it touches the ground.

5. It is important to get the timing of your shot right in Neko Golf

Neko Golf Guide, Neko Golf
Image via COLOPL, Inc.

The shot timing defines how far your shot would go. It is important to get the right timing and complete the hole in as less shots as possible because more shots mean a lesser score. Before taking the shot a power meter appears, in which there is a small blue box. That blue box is important because it helps to play an overpowered shot.

6. Select your ball before taking a Shot

There are different balls available in Neko Golf. Choosing the right ball is crucial because each ball offers different perks. There is a ball available for increased speed, increased control, and many more which you will unlock as you progress.

7. Keep an eye out for on-screen details about the golf course

Neko Golf Guide, Neko Golf
Image via COLOPL, Inc.

Neko Golf gives information about the slope, wind directions, and chances of making a successful shot. With these In-game statistics, it is easier to get a better score than your opponents. It takes time to be perfect with these numbers because in the beginning players can get overwhelmed by them.

Final Thoughts

Neko Golf is a fun and engaging game to play with your friends. It offers multiple customization items which can keep players engaged for multiple hours. The game is addictive as well because it makes players compete directly with their friends through Free matches. The game was an instant hit in Japan, it is still to be seen if Neko Golf would be able to make such a mark on the global stage as well. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Neko Golf beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

Did you find this Neko Golf beginners guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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