Pokémon Go Guide: How to prepare for Pokémon Go Fest 2022

Pokémon Go Fest 2022 takes place in August!

Amid the rising popularity of other games, Pokémon Go had lost its edge for a while now. But it’s now back with a bang with a new global event Pokémon Go Fest 2022 at hand, which includes three on-site events and a Finale global event lined up to take place in August. Here’s our guide to help you prepare properly for the Pokémon Go Fest 2022.

How to prepare for Pokémon Go Fest 2022

1. Get plenty of different types of Pokeballs

Not surprisingly, the most important thing while you prepare for Pokémon Fest 2022 is to keep in your inventory are Pokéballs. To be more specific, keep Great and Ultra Balls as they will be more useful in raids and catching Pokémon. Potions and Revives are not a necessity to carry as they would stay in abundance throughout the event and will also fill up very quickly. Make sure you have berries at hand and also adequate Pokéballs.

Keep some Bag Space empty for goodies you might obtain in the event. If your Bag Space is filling up, check for items that can be invested into Pokémon, like rare candy, as they would hamper your game in the Fest. Instead, invest it in your strongest Legendary Pokémon.

prepare Pokemon Go fest 2022
Image via Niantic

Ensure you don’t waste your items by just throwing them away in exchange for Bag Space. Instead, invest all your excess items somewhere useful as much as you can. Feed your berries to gyms for stardust and use your evolution items to the fullest. In case you can’t do that, throw them away, keeping a few for later use.

PokeBalls are the most important asset in the game for the event. Make sure to open the maximum number of gifts you can every day to increase your stash. In case you need friends to hit the gift limit, look in the Pokémon discord servers or social media and grab yourself a bunch of extra gifts. Even just dropping your friend code on Twitter can help with gaining friends.

Make sure your Go Plus, if you’re using one, is set to spin for you and use normal Pokéballs for them. Keep the better balls for manual hunting. Stashing up on Pokéballs helps with this. Incense, Star pieces, and Lucky eggs will be in great demand for the event so hoarding them before the event starts is a good idea, and you can have an easier time during the entirety of the Go Fest. Since ticket holders get exclusive spawns that can be only obtained through incense, ensure you have a vast amount of incense in your Bag Space.

2. Having enough Incubators

There might be some Pokémon that are only Egg exclusive. Leave your incubators empty for the event, and buy some extra in advance for the added benefit. Empty your eggs as soon as you can to have enough storage for any shinies that might come your way, as appearance rates are bound to be higher than usual.

Pokemon Go fest coins
Image via Niantic

Have enough Coins in your bag for Raids for they will be a huge part of the game, especially on Day 2. Do not keep buying for later as things will be busy and you never know when you might have an encounter. You always have the option of using Free Passes for raids, but missing out on Raids that require coins to access could prove to be detrimental. Get working on buying coins starting right now.

3. Lookout for Pokémon storage space 

With 8 hours of gameplay, storage is bound to fill up. Clear out your space and make space for the Pokémon you will go hunting for during the event. Keep multiples of only the Meta relevant Pokémon and transfer community day shiny Pokémon to the Professor or Pokémon Home. It is time to say goodbye to the 10 copies of Shiny Squirtle.

Meet up with your friends, if you can, to trade some of your rare Pokémon. This might sound brutal but keeping your Bag Space maxed out is of great importance for the event. Keep your best teams of 6 if need be, but you certainly don’t need 20 copies of a Pokémon. Go through them all and keep the strongest with you. They will be up for grabs again in the raids anyways.

Oh and, make sure to discard any Costume Pokémon if you have. They usually don’t evolve, so unless they have unique characteristics (like a gender difference), it’s time to trash them. Purify and transfer your Shadow Pokémon as well. But warning sign! Keep check of your stardust and do not go for purifying those 3000+ stardust Pokémon. Hand them to the Professor, unless you have an attachment to them.

4. Keep a track of your Shinies

Pokemon Go fest shinies
Image via Niantic

Before the event starts, go through your Pokédex and note what you’re missing, or the shinies that are sitting in your inventory, out of your memory. Having a proper list will help you with prioritizing what you are going to click on in a cluster of spawns. This is a great way to keep track of what you need and prevent silly mistakes like accidentally believing you have the full Magnemite family with you, but having only two. Since you probably won’t be off the app any time of the day, having a paper list is better for your playing experience.

5. Carry the most important stuff in your pockets during Go Fest 2022

Well, that is about enough preparation for the Pokémon part of it. Let’s make a list of what you need to bring along with you in person:

  • In case you have to travel out to play and/or live somewhere you can legally and safely play outside, carry a fully charged power bank and charger cables in your backpack. 
  • The event will be a long one and you will need more than one of those extra battery packs. In case you are playing from home, keep your chargers close to you in case you need to get running to charge your devices once it starts dying. Charge your phones overnight and preserve your data for the net day if you’re not going to use WiFi all day long.
  • Do not let yourself go hungry or thirsty during the event. Pack bottles of water and plan ahead for snacks and meals. Staying out in the sun for prolonged periods without nourishment is just an impending disaster for you. Having fun is important, but you are more so. There is no joy in being unable to play because you neglected hydration.

6. Wear your best fit for the Pokémon Go Fest 2022

Go Fest 2022 fit
Image via Niantic

With the event taking place at a time when the weather would be at extreme ends (summer for the Northern Hemisphere, and winter for the Southern), it is a good idea to dress up suitably. Make sure to lather yourself in sunscreen if you will be out in the summer sun. Sunburns and Heatstrokes are a bad way to end your fun times so watch out for them. Have access to cool drinks and substantial food at all times. Wear clothing that can protect your skin while also being airy.

Go fest Pikachu
Image via Niantic

Wrap yourself up if you’re going to play in Winter. Warm clothing and gloves will make sure your body thanks you when you’re playing the event. Wear gloves you can use your phone with and wear boots that will keep you safe from the cold and slip-prone areas. If the weather is extreme, do not go out. Pokémon is fun but it isn’t worth risking your life. And make sure to follow all COVID-19 guidelines in your area. Make sure you wear masks and any other restrictions that might apply to you.

Tips and tricks to Prepare for Pokémon Go Fest 2022

  • Learning the Quick Catch trick is really useful if you’re planning to grind the game. YouTube has a bunch of videos on how to pull this off. Check it out.
  • When you’re going to check cluster spawns, prioritize incense spawns over wild ones, as incense spawns are active for very short amounts of time. Don’t miss out on any!
  • Prioritize which Pokémon you want to catch as some are much rarer than others. Axew and Unowns B, G, U, and O, along with Tropius and Torkoal are all announced featured Pokémon. Axew is an extremely rare find, while Tropius and Torkoal are regional Pokémon. 
  • There are also Pokémon that will be spawning in the wild for the first time, such as Galarian Mr. Mime, Galarian Weezing, Galarian Darumaka, Klink and Pancham 

Mega evolving a Pokémon can be useful to you

Owning Mega Pokémon gives you bonus candy for catching any Pokémon that is of the “Mega” type. Evolve a dual-type into Mega to gain the added benefit of getting double the candy when you catch another of a common type.

Some Important points for Ticket holders in Pokémon Go Fest

Ticket holders should not do these things before the Pokémon Go Fest starts in their region:

  • Don’t send any gifts: There might be an ultra unlock challenge with sending gifts.
  • Don’t open any gifts: There might be a bonus for opening gifts after completing ultra unlock challenges. Also helps replenish Pokéballs during play.
  • No taking pictures of buddy: Early Smeargle photobombs may reduce your Special event photobomb amount, or override it entirely, so be warned!

These are some basic details for someone who’ll be jumping into the 2022 Fest with a lot of hope and expectations. We hope that these tips and tricks will be useful!

Did you find our guide to prepare for Pokémon Go Fest 2022 useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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