Pokemon GO Orange Incense benefits and usage Guide

The Pokemon GO Fest is here and players need to get ready for it!

This year is a literal feast for Pokemon GO players as they have lots of events lined up for them in the Go Fest which is coming soon! So, it is pretty certain that with a new event will come a multitude of special limited-time Pokemon and items alongside them. Just by looking at the vast expanse of content coming out, it is very possible to miss, or even be oblivious of the many perks the event has to offer. Niantic planned for this in advance and is offering players some special items so that they can gain maximum satisfaction and benefit from all the perks in these events. And orange incense is one such item in Pokemon GO!

How to obtain and use orange incense in Pokemon Go

Orange incense is basically the same as the regular incense found in the game. but will help players get special Pokemon that will spawn only for the duration of the event. Orange incense is no different from regular incense apart from the color and so is the way of obtaining it.

Using the Orange Incense in the Pokemon Go Fest 

To use the orange incense, follow these steps:

  • In the Pokemon Go app, click the Pokeball icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Go to the items menu
  • Tap on the orange incense in the inventory and tap it once again to confirm. 
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Image via Niantic

The incense, once activated, is active for 1 hour and offers the following uses:

  • 1 Pokemon every 5 minutes when you’re stationary 
  • 1 Pokemon every minute if you’re moving or 1 Pokemon every 200 meters you move (whichever comes first)

This is a nice addition to the event, as fans have been unhappy as of late with how Niantic handled the game and this assist from the game should make the entire gameplay experience worthwhile.

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