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PUBG New State free codes and how to redeem them (September 2022)

Easy steps to grab your free rewards now!

PUBG New State is an Action Battle Royale game that has taken the community by storm. Developed by the same creators as Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG), PUBG New State provides an exhilarating Battle Royale experience to the players with 100 players being able to play together and fight against each other with different types of weapons, gear, vehicles, and clever strategies. However, just like in any other game, players were interested to get to know whether some gifts within the game are gettable via codes or coupons. Well, the good news is that this is possible by following easy steps. Here’s a quick guide to get free PUBG New State redeem codes and also to redeem them.

How to get free redeem codes in PUBG New State

Game Codes play a major role in getting us freebies, and the Developers would drop a couple of events so that we get some freebies in return.

The same goes for PUBG New State codes where the developer PUBG Studios has been very generous and given us massive rewards when we use the multiple coupon codes they provided. Getting codes are possible with in-game events and events organized by the developers on their official website. During any ongoing events, there might be special giveaways and codes, once you participate in them.

In this article, we will provide you with a list of the PUBG New State codes, explain how the codes work, how to redeem them, and the redeemable in-game rewards. You can get all sorts of in-game resources such as lots of different types of useful and unique skins once you redeem them. To get the in-game rewards, you will need to redeem the codes which is a very easy process. In this article, we will explain how the codes work, how to redeem them, and the redeemable in-game rewards.

PUBG New State free coupon redeem codes

These are the free redeemable codes that you can enter to get awesome exclusive rewards. While these codes are active and working as of when this article is being written, it is highly plausible that they will expire soon. So hurry up and enter the codes below to get cool gifts!

Free codesRewards you can redeem
HAPPYNEWSTATE6 Chicken Medals, 3 Royal Chest Tickets
SHOTBREXTREMEWED5 Chicken Medals, an Erangel 200% BP Card
2SURVIVOR02RDM2Chicken Medal Bonus Card (+3), a Troi 150% BP Card

Make sure you enter the codes exactly how they appear in the table. Enter the codes and redeem them as early as possible before they expire. We will be updating the list from time as new redeem codes arrive and remove the expired ones from the list.

How to redeem PUBG New State coupom codes in the redemption center

Unlike other games, PUBG New State does not have an in-game redemption center. This makes it slightly more complicated for players to redeem codes and get free rewards. But don’t worry as this article will guide you through the whole way. This process will only take a few seconds, so follow the steps listed below and get your rewards in no time!

PUBG New State redemption center
PUBG New State redemption center
  1. Go to the PUBG New State redeem codes webpage.
  2. You will need to enter your Account ID.
  3. To know your Account ID, you may open the game and tap on the top right corner of the screen on the three dots. Choose the Settings option and copy your Account ID.
  4. Copy and paste the Account ID in the redeem codes website.
  5. Select a coupon code from this article and enter it (case-sensitive).
  6. Click on the captcha verification by agreeing you are not a robot and you will find the free rewards when you launch the game and check your mail.

We’ll update this space as soon as we get to know more redeemable codes for PUBG New State.

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