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Snowbreak Containment Zone Attributes Guide and Tips

Some important aspects to remember!

Snowbreak Containment Zone is a brand new 3D Sci-fi RPG that offers a next-gen, cross-platform gaming experience. It follows a once-thriving city that has now transformed into the desolate and ruined Containment Zone Aleph. Your mission is to fearlessly embark on challenging quests alongside extraordinary beings known as Manifestations. Apart from the operatives with their attributes, we have weapons to choose from, and there should be necessary info for the player who is equipping each weapon. However, given that there isn’t a glossary for the attributes, we have come up with this Snowbreak Containment Zone Attributes Guide with the necessary tips and tricks.

Snowbreak Containment Zone Attributes Guide

Operative Attributes

Snowbreak Containment Zone operatives
Image via Seasun Games

The game doesn’t have a glossary for this, but with an understanding of the operative skills and On the basis of types, these attributes will change.

Max HPThe maximum hitpoints the operative has at the level.
AttackThe maximum damage/offense the operative can deliver.
DEFThe defense attribute is a measure of the damage an operative can deal.
Crit RateThe attribute is a measure of how often a Critical Hit can be delivered.
Crit DMG AmplifierIncreases the Critical damage proportionally.
U-Energy RecoveryIncreases the Ultimate’s charge recovery.
StaminaThe defense attribute is a measure of damage an operative can take.
Kinetic ResistanceThe measure of Resistance to Kinetic Damage.
Thermal ResistanceThe measure of Resistance to Thermal Damage.
Frost ResistanceThe measure of Resistance to Frost Damage.
Electrical ResistanceThe measure of Resistance to Electrical Damage.
Chaos ResistanceThe measure of Resistance to Chaos Damage.
Skill HasteReduces the cooldown of operatives’ skill.
S-Energy RecoveryIncreases the Standard skill charge recovery.
Auxiliary Units StrengthIncreases the strength of Auxiliary Units.
Alignment IndexThe alignment index can strengthen the passive skill.

Weapon Attributes

In the game, there are five types of Weapons available namely Submachine Gun, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, and Assault Rifle. Each operative will have an indication of what weapon they will wield which is indicated by their symbol on the character menu.

Snowbreak Containment Zone weapons q-select
Image via Seasun Games

Each weapon is classified by its attributes, which change from type to type. The description for each attribute is given as follows.

CompatibilityDetermines the damage your character can deal based on the percentage of compatibility with the equipped weapon. More compatibility equals more damage.
Rate of FireRepresents the shooting rate or speed of your weapon in rounds per second.
DMG TypeIndicates the current damage element of your equipped weapon.
Max RangeIndication of the range of damage based on the distance between you and the target.
Ammo CapacityShows the maximum number of rounds the current weapon can hold before requiring a reload.
Reload SpeedDefines how quickly you can reload the current weapon.
CRIT DMGIt is the extra damage dealt on critical hits.

Damage Attributes

These attributes need to be explained more, given that they are just mentioned as a type of weapon.

ThermalOperative/Weapon with thermal damage deals with heat effect.
KineticOperative/Weapon with kinetic damage deals with spread effect.
FrostOperative/Weapon with Frost damage deals with freeze effect.
ElectricalOperative/Weapon with Electrical damage deals with shock effect.
ChaosOperative/Weapon with Chaos damage deals with shock effect.

That’s all for the Snowbreak Containment Zone Attributes Guide!

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