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Squad Busters tier list: Know which are the best troops right now

Some troops are just better than others

Knowing the best troops or characters in Squad Busters can change your gameplay. If you also have the same question, I’m sure this article will answer your query. After playing over 900 matches, I can confidently write this Squad Busters tier list to tell you which are the best and the strongest troops or characters in Squad Busters right now and who should you pick depending on the situation.

Squad Busters Tier List

This Squad Busters tier list will give you generic information on the strongest troops in the game right now. This does not consider any battle mods. If you follow the information I have written in the table below, you are sure to see improvements in your gameplay. Some troops are just better than others.

OverpoweredTankHog RiderTrader
StrongColt, Archer Queen, Witch,Heavy, Barbarian KingShellyMedic, PamGoblin, Mavis
AverageBea, WizardEl Primo, NitaBarbarian, MortisMaxBattle HealerGreg
WeakDynamike, BoRoyale KingChickenPenny

Most OP characters in the game right now

Tank, Hog Rider, and Trader are the best troops in Squad Busters right now because of their use. Tank can devastate your opponents in any situation. The high damage it will add to your squad is fierce and generally speaking, I always avoid taking a fight against someone who is a tank squad.

Trader on the other hand gives you a huge advantage of extra Gems. Since collecting gems is the only win condition in the game right now, having a Trader in your squad will most likely help you to finish top three in the majority of your games if you farm well.

Hog Rider, however, gives you the much-needed speed boost. Faster speed means better economy and squad building. And not to mention, it will save you many times from getting busted. You’ll thank your Hog Rider for saving your squad many times.

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Image via Supercell

If I look at the attackers, Colt, Archer Queen, and Witch are very good picks. However, both Archer Queen and Witch are epic characters so you may not get it very frequently. Defenders also have a very decent list with Heavy and Barbarian King as strong picks.

All-Rounders, Speedsters, and Healers have limited characters as of now so their positioning in this Squad Busters tier list is very specific. We do have a decent number of suppliers, Majority of them are good except Penny who needs a better utility.

How to know the best troops in Squad Busters

While there’s this generic Squad Busters tier list, the best troop for each battle can vary a lot. Each battle mod affects the gameplay resulting in the change in priority order. Since there are over 20 different battle mods, it is really hard to mention every single one, but just to give you an example, Hog Rider may not be the best troop for Golden Boots or Turbo Overload mod. Similarly, you should avoid picking any supplier for mods like Angry Vines.

What about Mega Units

Squad Busters, Squad Busters wallpaper, Squad Busters Mega Unit, Squad Busters Mega Units, El Tigre, Squad Busters free rewards
Squad Busters Mega Units (Image via Supercell)

I am not including Mega Units in this Squad Busters tier list because these are always better than the regular troops. They do not appear in every game but when they do, they are the best ones. However, if I need to do an order for these four mega units, I’d say Magical Shelly is the best, followed by Kitsune Witch, El Tigre, and Dragon Chicken.

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