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Squad Busters free rewards and how to claim them

Freebie time!

Supercell’s fun action title Squad Busters has now received a worldwide launch, and as soon as a game gets global, you might be wondering how to progress quickly. Well, here is when free rewards come into the picture. Since this is a new launch, obtaining rewards to boost your progress is essential. To help with this, numerous in-game events will be happening. This guide is dedicated to Squad Busters and its free voucher rewards with detailed information, providing a list of free rewards and instructions on how to claim them.

To prepare you for the game’s launch, our team has put together how to level up fast guide and redeem codes guides to kickstart your Squad Journey. For troubles in the game, solve them with our customer support guide. For more in-depth learning, we have guides on how to get Gold Coinsunlock all charactersunderstanding Battle Mods, and others!

Here are the free rewards with their links you can claim via different events.

Free Redeem LinksRewardsStatus
Voucher link5000 Gold CoinsExpired
Voucher link5000 Gold CoinsExpired
Voucher link5000 Gold CoinsExpired
Voucher link10000 Gold CoinsACTIVE

I will be updating this table as soon as new rewards are being added. I’ve kept some links intact because sometimes these links might be working.

How to claim Squad Busters free rewards

1. In-game events

The easiest way to earn rewards in Squad Busters is to participate in events. Just go to the events section and take part in draft events, challenges, or tournaments. As you play, you will be given Gold Coins and other rewards. Since this game has launched recently, we might get to see some interesting events going live pretty soon.

2. Pre-registration campaign

Squad Busters campaign
Image via Supercell

Another easy way to be granted rewards is by the pre-registration campaign. With 40 Million pre-registrations, there are plenty of rewards on offer, including 10000 Coins, El Tigre, Common, Rare, and Epic Chests, and an Exclusive Global Emote. What’s more interesting is the fact that each milestone will also unlock rewards in all the other Supercell games.

How often do we get free rewards in Squad Busters

Squad Busters game cover, Squad Busters redeem codes guide
Image via Supercell

Since it’s a new launch, Squad Busters will likely offer numerous opportunities for free rewards, which can be earned regularly. With vouchers also being part of reward distribution, the free rewards can be earned by participating in various in-game challenges and events. To exactly pinpoint the dates or events will be difficult, so for now, let’s keep an eye on the official website.

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