Star Wars: Hunters Tier List for June 2024

Master the best hunters in each role!

Star Wars: Hunters is a player-vs-player arena combat game developed by Zynga that features MOBA gameplay. In this Star Wars: Hunters Tier List, I will explore the top hunters across different classes, evaluating each hunter’s strengths, capabilities, and roles.

Star Wars: Hunters first announced in February 2021, the game was eagerly awaited and set for release in March 2024. Following a soft launch in select regions in 2021, the full version is now globally available on both Android and iOS. You can also check out some Star Wars: Hunters redeem codes for some possible in-game rewards or freebies, and a beginners guide to help you start out in the game.

Star Wars: Hunters Tier List for June 2024: Best Hunters Ranked

I’ve organized the Hunters into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This tier system simplifies understanding each hunter’s capabilities and classes, giving you a clear idea of where to start.

Strong (S)Imara Viex, SentinelSkoraSlingshot
Good (A)Diago, RieveZaina, SprocketGrozz, Charr
Average (B)J-3DI, Utooni

Based on my gameplay experience, I’ve created a tier list to rank Hunters according to their effectiveness and roles. This tier list is designed to help newcomers in mind, as it aims to help you choose Hunters that align with your playstyle and excel in the game.

Best Meta Hunters in Star Wars: Hunters for June 2024

As detailed in the table above, our tier list highlights the top-tier Hunters in each class, providing a diverse selection of options. Each Hunter features a unique skill set and playstyle, offering a wide range of choices to suit different preferences.

The game caters to various playstyles, making this list highly subjective. The effectiveness of Hunters can vary based on a player’s preferred strategy, meaning what one player values highly, another may not prioritize in the same way, depending on the Hunter’s role.

Best S-Tier Damage Hunter – Imara Viex

If you’re looking for a high-damage Hunter that is easy to use and available from the start, Imara Vex is your go-to choice. As a ruthless bounty hunter armed with a custom A280 blaster rifle, she excels in dealing consistent damage while maintaining high mobility. Her tracking scan ability allows you to reveal a foe’s location on the map when they are low on health, giving you a tactical advantage in every encounter.

Star Wars Hunters Imara Viex
Image via Zynga

Imara’s consistent performance across all maps and modes makes her an invaluable asset. It’s important to know that leveling up Imara Vex can significantly enhance her capabilities, making her a formidable opponent in the arena. Reminiscent of Jango Fett, her missile barrage attack adds to her versatility and damage output. If you prefer a character that balances speed, damage, and ease of use, Imara Vex is a stellar choice.

Best S-Tier Support Hunter – Skora

For those who prioritize support roles, Skora stands out as one of the best healers in the game. A Rodian like Greedo, Skora brings unique abilities to the battlefield. Her engineering stim packs provide essential healing to teammates, while her crafted poisons debilitate opponents. What sets Skora apart is her ability to move faster and shoot harder than other support options, making her both difficult to target and highly effective in combat.

Star Wars Hunters Skora
Image via Zynga

If you enjoy playing a supportive role but also want the ability to deal decent damage, Skora is the perfect fit. It’s important to know that Skora can heal herself when not in combat, enhancing her survivability. If you value a support character that offers both healing and damage capabilities, Skora is your best bet.

Best S-Tier Tank Hunter – Slingshot

If tanking is your preferred playstyle, Slingshot offers a unique combination of speed and power. Featuring an Ugnaught named Dizzy piloting a droideka battle droid, Slingshot is a nimble and speedy tank armed with twin blaster cannons. His ability to roll at high speed toward enemies, knocking them backward, or performing a ground slam makes him a formidable presence on the battlefield.

Star Wars Hunters Slingshot
Image via Zynga

While other tanks might have higher health bars and more raw wrecking potential, Slingshot’s agility allows you to outmaneuver opponents and control the battlefield effectively. It’s important to know that mastering Slingshot’s abilities can provide a significant strategic advantage. If you enjoy a tank that balances speed with powerful offensive capabilities, Slingshot is well worth your time.

Final Thoughts

This tier list provides a clear guide to the best Hunters in Star Wars: Hunters, highlighting their strengths and roles. Whether you prefer dealing damage, supporting your team, or tanking hits, there’s a Hunter for you. The game offers a variety of characters, each with unique abilities and playstyles, making it easy to find one that suits your preferences. Keep in mind that personal playstyle and strategy can influence which Hunters work best for you.

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