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Summoners War: Chronicles Guide: Best Pioneers and their useful Locations

Best Pioneers and their Locations in Summoners War: Chronicles!

With the release of the newest monster in Summoners War: Chronicles, the Pioneer, many summoners are left wondering what element they should be summoned for. While all Pioneers are great monsters, below we’ve listed each of them along with their uses in Summoners War: Chronicles.

List of all Pioneers in Summoners War: Chronicles

1. Fire Pioneer: Chiwu

Chiwu is a great unit to obtain. He is a mage-type character with his damage being based on the enemy’s maximum health. This means he’s a great take into Raids! Not only does he have the potential to be an extremely potent damage dealer, but he also has the debuff to block beneficial effects. In addition to his second skill’s uses, his third skill also removes all beneficial effects currently on the target.

Summoners War: Chronicles Pioneers
Image via Com2us

If this target is a summoner character, Chiwu also reduces the enemy summoner’s mana. For this reason, Chiwu is not only great in the Arena but also in places such as Elite: Foggy Prison (To remove Vita’s buffs) and rune farming in Tear Glands Cave. (For removing the bosses buffs and bursting him down)

2. Water Pioneer: Woosa

Pioneers were released during the same patch as the new raid, Elite: White Shadow Castle. It is believed Woosa was specifically released for this raid. He’s been a great help to summoners with his second skill consisting of healing ability and his third skill casting a decent-sized shield as well as immunity. Both of his skills are extremely valuable in the Elite: White Shadow Castle raid, and will make any run-through a lot easier on the player.

Summoners War: Chronicles Pioneers
Image via Com2us

In addition to the newest raid, Woosa can also excel in the Arena, allowing his Summoner and teammates to survive with immunity and healing. Lastly, if you’re having trouble clearing floor 15 of the rune-farming dungeons, Forgotten Earth Shrine, and Lava Cave, put Woosa in and give him a try. Shields are extremely strong at the moment, making Woosa a great unit to pull for.

3. Wind Pioneer: Pungbaek

Pungbaek seems a little underwhelming compared to his brothers, but this will more than likely change with the release of more content. Pungbaek is a mage-type DPS. If you’re lacking on this element and happen to pull him, he’s still worth the trouble of working towards. His first attack applies the damage taken up effect which is great against not only bosses but enemy summoners as well.

Summoners War: Chronicles Pioneers
Image via Com2us

This Pioneer seems more geared towards PVP, a welcoming unit to summoners that are struggling to climb the ranks against the current Konamiya and Teon meta. Not only does Pungbaek’s third skill ignore the target’s defense, but if he kills the enemy, the target cannot revive. For this reason, Pungbaek is great in Arena and certain Trial and Spires of Ascension floors. 

4. Light Pioneer: Nigong

Nigong is an amazing support monster with the ability to revive his whole party. If a player is lucky enough to summon Ningong, he’s ideal to build for a plethora of situations. Nigong’s first skill not only heals his allies but also gives them immunity.

His heal is based on his maximum health. This means you can build him tanky or with a bit of resistance and have no fear of him getting one shot. For this skill alone, he is ideal in the new raid, Elite: White Shadow Castle.

Summoners War: Chronicles Pioneers
Image via Com2us

Nigong’s third skill is also great in raids. He can cast an AoE soul protection buff on all allies in the area, including fellow team members and their monsters too. This means he can bring a raid back from the brink of failure with a single skill. The soul protection buff allows all summoners and monsters killed during its duration to revive automatically. If you’re struggling in the rune dungeon, Tear Glands Cave with the boss’s heavy (sometimes one-shotting) mechanic, give Nigong a try.

5. Dark Pioneer: Woonsa

Woonsa is the most mechanically inclined Pioneer. Like the Light Pioneer, if you’re lucky enough to summon one, he’s worth it to build. Woonsa is a force to be reckoned with in the Arena. While his first skill simply does damage, it’s how the player builds their team that allows him to excel. Woonsa’s first skill does increase damage if he has three or more beneficial effects(buffs). He is a mage-type monster and should be geared to do high damage.

Summoners War: Chronicles Pioneers
Image via Com2us

His second skill is an AoE that steals one buff from each unit hit. Woonsa is the only Pioneer to have a passive skill once awakened. Passively, if Woonsa steals a buff, he will apply himself with “Continuous Recovery” and “Attack Up”. While a great self-buffer on his own, this unit would be better paired with another buffer such as the current meta, Shannon or Bastet, to maximize his damage output. 

Final Thoughts 

With the current banners running for three of the five elements: Woosa, Pungbaek, and Chiwu, summoners will have plenty of time to hit the pity pull for at least one of these five-star monsters. Keep in mind that Atlar’s Blessing resets monthly. Even if one can’t pull enough copies to completely max their new Pioneer monster, he can always be placed in the Altar and pulled for with higher chances every month. One copy is all it takes to be on the way to a maxed and useful unit.

What are your thoughts on our Pioneers guide in Summoners War: Chronicles? Let us know in the comments below!

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