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Tarisland Leveling Guide: How to make your character stronger

Level up faster and become stronger!

Tarisland is developed by Tencent Games and features a timeless action MMORPG situated in a captivating Western fantasy realm. Immerse yourself in a vast sandbox featuring diverse classes and challenging raids that adapt as you awaken. Inscribed stones unveil divine guidance amidst a clash of three Gods’ wills, positioning you at the epicenter. The decision is yours to embrace the unfolding destiny or resist the tug of fate. Explore the Tarisland Leveling Guide for optimal strategies to enhance and level up your character and gain valuable insights for late-game content.

Leveling up in Tarisland

If you want to enjoy everything Tarisland has, reaching the top level quickly is key. To understand all the game’s ins and outs, check out this Complete Leveling Guide. It spills the beans on the best ways to level up fast. If you are eager to conquer Tarisland, then you’re probably on the lookout for tips to level up quickly. Well, look no further as this detailed Tarisland Complete Leveling Guide dives into the game’s world and shows you the top ways to boost your character.

Tarisland Gameplay area
Image via Tencent Games

Even though it’s a new game, we’ve uncovered the Tarisland CBT leveling secrets to become stronger and are ready to share them. Our Complete Leveling Guide is your ticket to success, whether you want to hit the level cap, access restricted content, or dive into PvP action. Get ready to use your knowledge and set off on an exciting journey to improve your gaming skills. So grab your weapons, gear up for epic battles, and let’s explore the captivating world of Tarisland, where each level you reach brings you closer to legendary status.

How to level up and become stronger in Tarisland

1. Prioritize Quests

Have your progress start with efficient leveling by prioritizing quests from the outset. Upon completing the prologue and selecting your initial task, the path forward becomes clear. Quests prove to be the most time-effective method, offering substantial experience points and engaging activities.

Despite the level cap during CBT being set at 40, players unanimously favored quests as the optimal way to earn Tarisland XP due to their enjoyable nature, minimal time commitment, and varied tasks. Although the upcoming level cap remains uncertain, the efficacy of questing remains undeniable.

2. Complete your Daily Quests

Daily Quests, often associated with mobile games, offer straightforward rewards to enhance your overall gaming experience. Although not the primary source of XP, unique Daily Quests, marked in violet, provide a substantial daily XP boost. Overlooked by many players, these quests contribute significantly to faster level progression and offer additional benefits. Incorporating Daily Quests into your routine ensures a consistent daily XP intake.

Tarisland Dungeon
Image via Tencent Games

3. Dungeon Clearing

While dungeons may not provide massive XP gains, they play a significant role in Tarisland’s leveling system. Unlock dungeons at specific levels, starting with Dim Cavern at level 7. Real-time participation in dungeons with other players is recommended after reaching level 20, offering both gear treasures and rapid XP. Here are the currently available dungeons in Tarisland and the level to unlock them:

DungeonLevel available
Dim CavernLevel 7
Library of ChaosLevel 13
Camp CarlyanLevel 17
Merfolk SwampLevel 27
Forest AltarLevel 33
Botanical GardenLevel 37

Notable dungeons include Library of Chaos, Camp Carlyan, Merfolk Swamp, Forest Altar, and Botanical Garden, each presenting challenges on both Normal and Elite difficulty settings.

Tarisland Raid boss
Image via Tencent Games

4. Boss Raid

Boss raids, considered endgame content, become accessible at level 30. Participation in raids with a reliable team is crucial for efficient leveling. Bosses such as Merfolk King, Ancient Tree, Synthesis Doctor, Forest Gemini, and Archdruid provide not only XP but also rare materials and gear. The inclusion of bosses on both Normal and Elite difficulty settings is also a great addition, further enriching your character’s progression.

5. Open World Farming

In contrast to other MMORPGs, slaying enemies in the open world provides minimal experience points. Open-world farming is not an effective strategy for leveling in Tarisland. Focus instead on completing major and side missions, as they yield more significant XP gains. While open-world farming may be less rewarding, alternative methods contribute to a faster leveling experience.

Prioritize mission-based activities over indiscriminate enemy encounters for optimal progression. Follow these strategies outlined in the Complete Leveling Guide to progress efficiently in Tarisland, whether you’re a new player or exploring the game’s content during its initial release.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while Tarisland currently offers a set of leveling options, it’s important to acknowledge that the game is still in its early stages of development. Players, especially those accustomed to more extensive MMORPG projects, may find the existing leveling avenues somewhat limited. However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that developers are likely to introduce additional ways to gain experience points in future updates.

The potential inclusion of Gathering Resources, Crafting Items, and World Events as sources of extra XP remains speculative but holds promise for diversifying the leveling experience. As the game evolves, developers are expected to expand content, providing players with more opportunities to level up quickly.

By implementing the insights shared in this Leveling Guide, you now possess the skills and knowledge needed to expedite your character’s development and access the exciting game content. Keep an eye out for future updates, as the developers are likely to introduce new features and content that will enhance the overall leveling experience in Tarisland.

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