Total Football Beginners Guide and Tips

Compete on a global scale with this new PVP soccer title!

Total Football is a brand-new, fiercely competitive real-time PVP soccer game that has been launched recently. From the house of Gala Sports, the game has all the elements that one needs to have a great gaming experience. Just like many other soccer titles, users need to play a dual role in Total Football. In this Total Football Beginners guide, we will talk about the game modes and features available in-game and share some valuable tips and tricks.

Firstly, they need to fill in the shoes of a manager and design fantastical plays by searching agents and assembling the best possible line-up of 15 players, leveling them up whenever possible, playing them in the right formation, setting the right tactic before a match, and taking crucial substitution calls in between an ongoing match. Secondly, as a player, they need to master all the controls in-game and de-throne their opponents with their mastery across 5 game modes.

Understanding the Game Modes

To access the game modes, one must navigate to the Kick-Off Section from the in-game home screen. While the Career Mode would be unlocked, you need to accumulate a certain amount of Glory Points to unlock the rest. Here are the various game modes that Total Football has to offer:

1. Career Match

In Career Match, you are given the luxury to choose either of the two paths, an English League Career or a Spanish League Career. It is an offline League Event involving the premium English/Spanish League Clubs wherein users need to grind out an entire calendar season with a scheduled Reward day for each month. Here are some features of the Career Match mode:

  • The Top 6 sides in each league as per the Leaderboard qualify for the next season’s Champions League.
  • The top 16 sides in each League qualify for the next season’s League Cup.
  • The AI difficulty level is not preset and can be changed by the user before every match.
  • Entering a Career Mode game consumes 25 in-game Energy Drinks.
Total Football Career Match
Image via Gala Sports
  • Each Career Mode game rewards users with loads of in-game resources including Glory Points, Agent Contracts, Euros, and other Booster items.
  • After scoring 3 goals in any Career Mode Game, you may choose to skip the rest of the game and take that as the final score. This can save a lot of your time.

2. Ranked Match

Ranked Match is an online Player-vs-Player mode wherein users would be matched with another online user from the same tier. The various Ranked Match Tiers are:

  • Beginner
  • Amateur
  • Pro
  • Top
  • Superstar
  • Epic
  • Legend
Total Football Ranked Match
Image via Gala Sports

Winning ranked mode games, earn you Ranked Match Points that help you rise up the tiers. Additionally, they earn you Ranked Match Packs that can be used in the dedicated Matchup shop to obtain special Scout packs and Euros.

3. Live Arena

Live Arena is another online PVP section wherein users can:

  • Go for a 1V1 encounter against users online.
  • Enter the Match Code to join a Friendly Match.
  • Send a match invite to your friends, via the in-game chat channel.
Total Football Live Arena
Image via Gala Sports

This is an in-game section that is mostly dedicated to setting-up online friendlies between Friends.

4. Challenger Cup

The Challenger Cup Game mode comes with two sections, Challenger Cup and Elite Duels.

Challenger Cup

  • The Challenger Cup Event is active only during a specific time window. Here users can challenge some of the famous clubs from around the world.
  • You will need a ticket to access the Challenger Cup Event. For every win, you will be duly rewarded with a Challenger Box.
  • You will be matched against random opponents online. Users need to pay close attention to their opponent’s formation and tactics and fulfill the requirements to clear the stages of this event. They need to make full use of their Tactics and Strategy to win.
  • You will be rewarded with 1 Free Ticket for your first Challenger Cup game.
Image via Gala Sports

Elite Duel

  • The Elite Duel Event is also active only during a specific time window. Here users can challenge other users to earn massive rewards.
  • You will need a ticket to access the Challenger Cup Event. For every win, you will be duly rewarded with a Victory Box.
  • Each Challenge round will give users two opportunities. Every defeat or tie will cost them a chance, but a victory won’t. You have the option to either spend another ticket to restart the challenge once all of your chances have been used up.
  • You will be rewarded with 1 Free Ticket for your first Challenge.

5. Cup Games

Cup Games are a real-time PVP event involving users online, who fight for the Cup. The Event requires 1060 Glory Points for unlocking. Just like the Challenger Cup Event, it is also a time-limited Event that goes live each day from 21:00-5:00.

Featured Agents are nothing but star campaigners from the ongoing FIFA World Cup Event and the 2022-2023 Season. Having strong, elite agents on your team is a good idea because doing so will raise your team’s overall rating. To sign Featured Agents, one must navigate to the Featured Agents section from the in-game home screen.

  • Total Football coins or agent contracts can be used to search for Agents. The search currency will change based on the different search banners.
  • The number of agents you can summon at once can range from one to ten.
  • The top-level players are the ones rated 83 or higher, though you can summon various rarity players or agents through these banners. Their summon rates are the lowest because they are the best.

Sadly, Total Football Coins are a scarce resource and are not easily available in-game. Fret not, you will get decent enough players from under the Agent Contract banner. Hence, we suggest you go for the players redeemable via Agent Contracts.


Scouts are a talented pool of players from a specified position, region, and star rating based on the Scout Card Label. Scout Cards can be used directly to sign a player or can be converted to Scout Coins that can be in turn used to sign various players from the dedicated Scout Shop and Matchup Shop Section.

Recycle your 3-star or lower rating Scout Cards for Scout Coins

Total Football Scout Card Recycle
Total Football Beginners Guide (Image via Gala Sports)

Just as we have suggested in our Resource guide, one must look to recycle their lower-rated scout cards. With these Scout Coins, you can sign some guaranteed Red Card players from the available list in addition to purchasing much higher-rated scout cards from the Scout Shop. With Scout packs, everything is always a game of chance. It is therefore better to reuse these packets and acquire sure-fire gamers in this manner.

Player Exchange Market

Simply known as Market, you can visit this section by navigating to the in-game Market Tab. This section allows you to trade your available player cards of a given position or card color for another Player card of the same position or card color.

Trade your Duplicate Player Cards to receive a new Player

Total Football in-game Trading System
Image via Gala Sports

You need to do one hell of a grind before you can do a Special Trade as you will be requiring the high-rated black color cards. So, as of now, you have to rely on Normal Trade. While the Normal Trade system does not guarantee a higher-rated Player Card than the ones you are exchanging you can use this feature if you own any duplicate Player Cards to exchange them for a new player.

Upgrading and Leveling up your Players for

As discussed in our Player Level-Up guide, you need to level your players up to bring out the best version of your squad members on the pitch. Perhaps the best gameplay tip for newcomers to Total Football is to level up the players assigned to your team. You can choose a player to upgrade by going to the Upgrades menu. To raise each player’s level, tap on the Level Up option after using the pertinent experience cards that are available to use.

Image via Gala Sports

Convert 3 or lower star-rated players into EXP Cards

Total Football does not have the player-release feature. However, there is no use carrying players in your lineup that will never feature in your first XI. Hence, we suggest you use them as a Player Level-Up material and make your first XI Player consume them as an alternative to EXP Cards when you run out of them.

Add to your Skill and EXP Card tally by participating in the daily Special Training Drills

Completing the drills from the Special Training Section will net you a tonne of 200 EXP Cards. Once you have earned a specific amount of Glory Points, the Special Training Section becomes accessible. In order to optimize obtaining 200 EXP Cards if you are a new player, be sure to unlock this special mode as soon as you can and visit this area regularly after doing so.

Total Football Beginners Guide (Image via Gala Sports)

Make sure you’re also grinding in the other game modes. After reaching a specific number of milestones, gaining Glory Points also entitles you to 100 EXP Points.

Enhancing your Player Card is equally important

Total Football Player Enhancement
Image via Gala Sports

Just leveling up your player card is not everything that needs to be done. You must make your player card consume another player card of the same position and card color. This would further gift him with Ability points that can be used to improve specific attributes. To know which Attributes to invest in for a given player, you can further refer to our Player Level-Up guide for assistance.

Total Football Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here is a bonus section in our guide that would help Beginners quickly rise through the ranks as they embark on this journey with Total Football. What follows next are some useful tips and tricks from our experience of playing the game:

1. Eye on completing the Achievement Objectives for Agent Contract Rewards

With Total Football Coins being a pay-to-get resource, the value of Agent Contracts just increases. When you log in to the game next time, make sure to navigate to the Achievements tab from the in-game home screen.

Total Football Achievements Section
Image via Gala Sports

You will realize that you have unknowingly completed some of these Objectives. Claim the Agent Contract rewards for the already completed objectives and see what other objectives need to be completed. A total of 260 Agent Contract Points can be accumulated by completing the beginner-level challenges that have been set in this section. So, make sure to complete them as soon as possible.

2. Accumulate Glory Points for unlocking new Game Modes and Rewards

Total Football Glory Points Section
Image via Gala Sports

Glory Points can be easily accumulated by just playing the game, be it Career Mode or Special Training. As you go on accumulating Glory Points, you earn loads of in-game resources besides Agent Contracts. So, you can see Glory Points as a potential substitute for Total Football Coins. They can be also obtained by completing the R10 Academy Event sessions. So, make sure to grind the game on a daily basis.

3. Complete the Season Pass Tasks for unlocking loads of in-game resources

Season Pass events usually refresh after every 45 days. Completing Season Pass Tasks set earn you Season Points that make you rise through the Season Pass Grades. With each grade that you climb, loads of in-game resources like Euros, Agent Contacts, EXP Cards, and Scout Cards.

Total Football Season Pass Rewards
Image via Gala Sports

Upon reaching Grade 70, you obtain an Elite Pass that can earn you a Premium Black Color Card. To be honest, the Season Pass Challenges set on a daily and weekly basis are pretty simple and easy to complete. Hence, we suggest you visit this section first when you log in each day.

4. Do not miss out on the time-limited Special Events

You must additionally look to cash on the time-limited Special Events that roll in the game for bonus rewards. The Special events that are currently live in the game are:

  • R10 Academy: It is a one-day-one-task event wherein you need to complete the task set for you, in order. The duration of the Event is 30 days from the day you log in to this game for the very first time. You need to complete all 30 task sets within these 30 days to claim the Black Card version of Ronaldinho who featured for A.C. Milan back in 2008.
  • Pick’Em 2022 Event: The Pick’Em 2022 Event is a special in-game event revolving around the FIFA World Cup mega event. Each day when you log in, you will earn 300 Pick’Em tokens during the course of this Event. You need to spend these tokens on daily prediction. At the end of this event, all your unused Pick’Em Tokens will be replaced with Euros(1 Pick’Em token= 10 Euros) that can be used to level up your players and search for scouts. Hence, look to cash on this section as it is fun and rewarding at the same time.

5. Resource Management

Resource Management is an important aspect of any game:

  • As you may already be aware, Total Football Coins have an exclusive Exchange feature that allows them to be traded for any in-game resource. But never, not even in your wildest thoughts, think that way. At one time, TF Coins will become merely a pay-to-get resource. Therefore, instead of turning them into resources that are already abundant, use them as they are while you have them.
  • You should additionally lookup at Agent Contracts as a potential substitute for Total Football Coins. Use them to sign Agent via Searches.
  • Convert your lower-rated scout cards to Scout Coins for bagging steal deals from the Scout Shop and Match-up Shop. That would give you a greater value for money once the said amount of Scout Coins has been accumulated.
  • Prefer joining an Alliance to creating one. Joining an already-formed alliance requires accumulating Glory Points only. However, creating your own alliance requires an additional monetary investment of 500 Total Football Coins. You know which one is more affordable for you.

For further assistance on how to manage your resources efficiently, you may refer to our Resource guide.

6. Play the best possible lineup and formation

Each time your Player Cards participate in a game, they can level up independently as well. But how many Experience Points they acquire will depend on how affine they are with your formation. Imagine that your squad only has room for a Left-Winger in the Center-Forward position due to the formation you use. In this scenario, his OVR and affinity with your squad would automatically drop.

Total Football Team Formation
Image via Gala Sports

Therefore, he would get a comparatively lesser Experience hike with each game that he plays. So, make sure that no player is out of position in your squad. Change your formation accordingly if you want to play that player. If you are not sure whether you are playing the best possible OVR, you may resort to the Auto-Lineup feature initially. However, we do not strongly recommend this.

7. Apply Offensive or Defensive Tactics to your lineup depending on the match situation

In Total Football, you also get the liberty to play with a preferred tactic. However, we suggest you set a tactic only after seeing your opponent’s formation and tactic. The tactics set can be modified in the middle of an ongoing game. This gives you an added advantage to playing the situation:

Total Football Game Tactics
Image via Gala Sports
  • Switch to the Defensive Tactic when you are trailing in goals or have a 1-0 lead and the match is in the dying moments.
  • Switch to the Attacking tactic in the later half of the game if your side is unable to score.

8. Make your Player Sprint past the opposition players

If you are dribbling past your opponents, especially in an online 1v1 encounter, you will find that your player loses possession at the last moment. This issue can be somewhat negated if he maneuvers past the opposition players at an accelerated speed. This is unknown to many but you can actually make your player perform a sprint.

When you move the joystick cursor in a specific direction, you will notice a green area labeled as Speed Up would appear in that direction, a few millimeters away from the joystick. You needed to drag the cursor to that green region and hold it there while maneuvering past to successfully make your player accelerate. Once you leave or bring back the cursor from that region, your player would come down to his regular speed.

9. Devote special time to improve your Shooting

Shooting requires a whole different skill in Total Football. Even after playing the game for days, you will find that your players are missing open chances. This is because tapping the Shoot button alone is not everything in this game. You additionally need to give direction to your Shot for an increased scoring chance. Use the joystick cursor simultaneously with the Shoot button for better results. You may practice Shooting Drills from the Special Training section for a better understanding.

10. Acquire Players and Groups with the specific Scout Combos

Combining Scout Cards of a particular star rating and region, along with another Scout Card of a particular rating and position can actually get you your preferred black player card. The game has a dedicated Collection section under the Achievement tabs which defines the Scout combos that you require to bag your favorite Black Colour cards.

Total Football Player Collection
Image via Gala Sports

Hence, make sure to sign your favorite Scouts from this section once you own the Scout cards, to ensure that you get the exact Player Card upon combining the scouts(i.e., achieve a probability of 100%).

Final Thoughts

The gameplay and graphics of this game look promising. Many users are of the opinion that it bears resemblance to the older version of PES Mobile. However, the disappointing part is, at one stage it becomes a pay-to-win game just like most other titles, especially with TF Coins being a scarce resource. The Goalkeeper’s ability also seems away from realism.

If they introduce in-game commentary and add a tad bit more realism to this game, then Total Football has lots to explore. If you face any issues in your journey with Total Football, you can always refer to this Total Football Beginners Guide for quick assistance.

That’s all from us for the Total Football Beginners Guide! Did you find our Total Football Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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