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Tower of Fantasy Guide: Tips to get the most out of Joint Operations

Complete joint operations with ease using this guide!

These are the many confusions and many questions around about Joint Operation in Tower of Fantasy. With so much more exciting content the game provides, it becomes confusing for many players to figure out. But don’t fret. We are always here, explaining and putting out tips and tricks. In this article today, we will cover a lot about these Joint Operations. So without any further ado, let’s dive in on our today’s guide on how to get the best out of Joint Operations in Tower of Fantasy.

Introducing the Joint Operations in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Joint Operation
Image via Level Infinite

A joint operation is a dungeon with different types of enemies. Every dungeon is divided into many parts, filled with enemies and a final monster at the end. The difficulty increases as the player progress toward the end. During joint operations, players can find multiple chests in different locations. All these chests can be opened but at the cost of 30 Vitality per chest.

How to get the most out of Joint Operation in Tower of Fantasy

Here are the ways to do joint operations more effectively:

1. Open all the Chests you can

All the chest in the dungeon is important as there is a probability of getting equipment and matrices. So make sure you can manage your vitality properly.

2. Playing with Friends

Originally, the concept of joint operations was not to play solo but to play with friends. Because of the increasing difficulty in clearing the latter stages,  it’s important to have a pair of helping hands and work together to deal with the enemies. 

3. Try to open Chests in each operation, even if it’s just one

The game offers additional rewards even if players open a single chest. So just go around and plan to at least open one chest if you start the mission with a critical vitality level.

Joint Operations
Image via Level Infinite

4. Help out players to gain support Coins

You can also help other players doing the Joint Operation or players with lower CS. For that, the game will reward support coins. Support coin is one of the in-game currencies of Tower of Fantasy, which can be used to buy different things such as chat border, black nucleus, and more.

What are your thoughts about our Tower of Fantasy Joint operation guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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