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Tower of Fantasy: List of all the Banges Gold Nucleus locations

Here's all Banges Gold Nucleus locations!

There is something to be said about being a completionist. It’s the drive that has gamers of all levels scouring every inch of the game world for those last few collectibles, or raiding dungeons for that one final boss fight. And if you’re playing Tower of Fantasy, there’s no exception – the search for Gold Nucleus can be quite the challenge. Our Tower of Fantasy guide will provide all known locations of Gold Nucleus in Banges so you can get on with your questing and adventuring with ease.

How to find all the Banges Gold Nucleus locations in Tower of Fantasy

We have divided the Gold nucleus locations into three parts in the in-game map which will give you all the known Gold Nucleus locations in Banges. 

1. Banges Gold Nucleus Location 1  

Tower of Fantasy Gold Nucleus Banges locations
Image via Level Infinite

As we go through our search for the Gold Nucleus in Banges, start with the Signal Station Ruins and head Northeast towards the Black Market. From there, you need to find your way to the Banges Factories and then move South to the end of the Banges region. You can get a total of 5 Gold Nucleus in this region. So, get set and start collecting.

2. Banges Gold Nucleus Location 2

Tower of Fantasy Gold Nucleus Banges locations
Image via Level Infinite

This location of Gold Nucleus starts from the Banges Tech. From there, move north to the Bennar’s Corridor to get the Gold Nucleus. Go south now and move along the straight path to reach the Banges Farms. This way you can get all the 5 Gold Nucles in this past of Banges.

3. Banges Gold Nucleus Location 3

Tower of Fantasy Gold Nucleus Banges locations
Image via Level Infinite

The last location of Banges consists of six Gold Nucleus. A pair of 3 each can be found near the Anchorville region and the other pair of 3 can be collected from the area surrounding the HT201 Shelter. So, explore these two regions and collect these remaining Gold Nucleus in Banges.

In total, there are 16 locations for Gold Nucleus in Banges. As you are now thorough with all these known locations. Power up your energy and start exploring Banges now.

What are your thoughts on the Tower of Fantasy Banges Gold Nucleus Locations guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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