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Tower of Fantasy: List of all the Banges Scenic Points locations

Discover all of the Banges Points in the game!

In Tower of Fantasy, there are some particularly scenic spots where players can take a break from the action and enjoy the view. To fully explore the world of Aesperia, you will need to finish all aspects of your Travel Logs. This includes finding and using viewpoints across this vast landmass that is filled with new adventures at every turn. Banges has a variety of scenic viewpoints to find, and you might wonder where to find them all. This guide will show you all of the best Banges scenic points locations in the Tower of Fantasy.

With a little patience and exploration, players will soon be able to add all of these beautiful locations to their map. Head into these locations below to find them all!

How to find all Banges scenic locations in Tower of Fantasy

In Banges, you can find six scenic locations. They are not hidden, but you may need to explore some to find them all. Look for an eye-shaped investigation point when searching for these. Listed below are all the six scenic views of Banges locations.

1. HT201 Shelter

Tower of Fantasy Banges Scenic Points
Image via Level Infinite

You need to transmit to HT201 Shelter. Taking a left at the center of the compound, you will find two staircases leading up to the main hangar. To get to the top of the ridge, use the Jetpack to go left of the hangar and you will find your first scenic viewpoint here.

2. The Maen

Tower of Fantasy Banges Scenic Points
Image via Level Infinite

Follow the rocky outcropping north, passing the first Scenic Point, until you reach a small meadow with grass surrounded by a crumbling bridge. If you do not want to start from the previous viewpoint, you can fast-travel either to the Anchorville or west of the Shelter and reach the viewpoint.

3. Banges Farm    

Banges Farm Spacerift
Image via Level Infinite

For another Scenic Point, you have to transmit to Banges Farm Spacerift and walk to the end of the crumbling bridge nearby. You will get your next scenic viewpoint here.

4. Banges Docks

Banges Docks
Image via Level Infinite

To reach your next viewpoint, you must go to Banges Docks. To the right of the landmark, you will find the ruins of the overhead highway. You can fly up onto the ruins and explore the scenic viewpoint using the Jetpack.

5. Banges Tech

Tower of Fantasy Banges Scenic Points
Image via Level Infinite

It is located on the smaller hills opposite the previously found scenic point. Take a stroll along the main road and search for a wooden platform. Reach the top with the Jetpack to get your next viewpoint.

6. Signal Station Ruins 

Signal Station Ruins 
Image via Level Infinite

From the Omnium Tower, walk to the massive neon Banges sign. For the final viewpoint, turn right at the tall smokestack facility and investigate the grassy ledge that faces the Signal Station Ruins.

What are your thoughts on the Tower of Fantasy Banges Scenic Points Locations guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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