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Tower of Fantasy Apex League PvP Game Mode Guide and Tips

Learn everything you should know about the Arena to dominate your opponents!

Apex League is the dedicated PvP game mode for Tower of Fantasy in which players can combat other players in a 1v1 fight. This special arena runs for the duration of one month which equates to one season and has leader boards ranking across the server. Rankings reset when the season changes on the first day of every month.

What is Apex League in Tower of Fantasy

This special arena has a balanced loadout for characters meaning regardless of personal power, both players will have similar levels of base character and weapon stats along with equipment enhancements and relic upgrade levels. If you don’t know about the best relics already, check our Relics tier list.

The characters will also be enhanced to max star level and the only requirement is that the player has to own that character. The arena will also disable Simulacra traits, Matrices set effects, and Resonance buffs, and will nerf healing effects by nearly 50%. The healing nerf is enforced so that players don’t abuse the stall mechanic usually used in other similar games.

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Since the matches have a fixed time limit of 5 minutes, both players will need to do their utmost to bring down their opponent and simply won’t be able to stall. This will ensure that PvP is fair to all players regardless of whether the player is a whale or a free-to-play player.

ToF Apex League battle system explained

Winning matches

To win a single battle, a player will need to defeat their opponent completely and bring down their HP to zero, both direct and indirect damage counts, which means players can utilize unique strategies such as using Dot effects or fall damage. In order to win the entire match, a player will need to score 2 points before their opponent does.

Arena Mechanics

Once an opponent is defeated they will immediately respawn in the arena with full HP and will have a buff that increases damage by 25% for a duration of time. The Battle Arena shrinks every 75 seconds and will force the players into close combat and will inflict a DOT-type debuff on any player outside the arena range. The duration of the entire match is 5 minutes and if both the players are alive at the end of the timer, the one with the higher HP will be declared the winner.

Tower of Fantasy Apex League Ranking Tiers

Players will need to accumulate enough stars in their rank levels in order to be promoted to the next rank. Each rank is further divided into levels that increase with higher ranks.

RankStarsLevelsRequirement for Ascension
Grand MarshalWin more matches to increase the star amount
Battle Lord5 Stars5 LevelsObtain 5 Stars and win the next match to ascend
Star General5 Stars5 LevelsObtain 5 Stars and win the next match to ascend
Commander4 Stars4 LevelsObtain 4 Stars and win the next match to ascend
Sergeant4 Stars4 LevelsObtain 4 Stars and win the next match to ascend
Elite3 Stars3 LevelsObtain 3 Stars and win the next match to ascend
Private3 Stars3 LevelsObtain 3 Stars and win the next match to ascend

Players should remember that aside from the first Season of the Arena, in which all the players on the server started with Private Rank 1, new ranks will be based on the previous season’s rank.

Apex League Rank Rewards

The ranking rewards will get distributed after the end of each season. Players will need to stay in their specific rank at the end to claim the rewards and the game won’t take into consideration your highest reached rank of that season.

Grand Marshal500 Dark Crystals Grand Marshal Title Dust Wheeler Vehicle
Battle Lord450 Dark Crystals Star General Title Limited Accessory
Star General400 Dark Crystals Star General Title Limited Accessory
Commander350 Dark Crystals Commander Title Limited Accessory
Sergeant300 Dark Crystals Sergeant Title
Limited Accessory
Elite200 Dark Crystals Elite Title Limited Accessory
Private100 Dark Crystals Private Title Limited Accessory

Best Relics to use in Apex League in Tower of Fantasy

Except for the Jetboard, players can utilize every available relic in the game to their heart’s content. Even relics like Jetpack and Cybernetic Arm are allowed in the arena which is usually restricted in other normal domains. Make sure to have 3 sets enabled and quick swap them as and when required.

Best Simulacras to use in Apex League in ToF


In the current meta, Nemesis is easily the best character to be used in Apex League. Nemesis has very strong healing capabilities that can be used by either dodging or by using her skill.

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She also has long-range attacks and can stay in the air for a long time, which makes her very hard to hit. Her deployed electrodes can deal a significant amount of damage over time and skews the battle in her favor when the match runs for a long time.


Meryl is a great shield breaker for PvP and has a myriad of abilities that makes her a very pesky opponent to deal with. Her skill has hit-stun immunity meaning it cannot be interrupted once it’s initiated and has a high shatter ability.

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She has a powerful discharge that can not only deal heavy shield damage but also interrupts the enemy so that they can no longer jump or dodge when they are in the area of effect, on top of that, she also applies a debuff of movement speed reduction of 50%.

Coco Ritter

Coco Ritter is primarily an Ice healer and it doesn’t make a lot of sense to her in the arena on the first look. However, her first Star unlocks an ability that can provide increased weapon recharge, which is very effective in PvP where players are stretched for time. She can also access the Ice Shell ability, which can freeze opponents for a fixed duration of time.

Image via Level Infinite

The team comp of Nemesis, Meryl, and Coco is probably the most powerful team players will come across in Apex League; their high synergies on top of great relic use can easily help in reaching the top of the leaderboards. Other characters such as Crow with his Jetpack trick can also help in climbing ranks.

That’s all for today’s Tower of Fantasy Apex League PvP Game mode Guide! What are your thoughts about our Tower of Fantasy Apex League PvP Game mode Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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