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Tower of God: New World Progression Guide: Proficiency, Rapport, and Limit Break

A guide for progression!

Tower of God: New World, the latest RPG from Netmarble inspired by the popular Tower of God franchise, has been getting good reviews since its launch. The games focuses on the central character Bam, and the storyline stays true to the original universe. Although we gave a small overview of proficiency in the Beginners Guide, there can be some more info given regarding the same, for which we have come up with this Tower of God: New World Progression Guide which will cover Proficiency, Rapport, and Limit Break.

Proficiency in Tower of God: New World


The character’s Proficiency level plays a vital role in the game, as it unlocks various buffs and rewards that enhance their capabilities and provide valuable benefits. As characters gain experience and progress through the game, their Proficiency level increases. Players can easily access and manage this aspect through the character’s proficiency menu.

By focusing on improving a character’s Proficiency level, players can unlock new abilities, improve their performance in battles, and uncover additional content that enriches the gaming experience. Players can earn a fixed amount of Proficiency EXP by achieving victories in various game modes. However, once a Teammate reaches Proficiency Level 10, they will no longer receive Proficiency EXP for that character when used in battle. Instead, they will receive Instruction Manuals as a reward.

Grades Enhancement

To further enhance a character’s Proficiency, players can utilize Instruction Manuals corresponding to the specific Grade. These Grades include Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Premium, with Premium being Element-specific. Instruction Manuals can be obtained through various game modes, such as Conquest Mode and the Shop.

Proficiency in Tower of God: New World
Image via Netmarble

By collecting and using Instruction Manuals, players can continue to improve their Teammates’ Proficiency EXP, making them even more formidable and capable in battles. This system offers players the opportunity to strategically boost their characters’ proficiency and unlock additional strengths and benefits as they progress through the game.

In Tower of God, R and SR Teammates can be upgraded to Grade SSR once they reach Proficiency Lv. 6. This upgrade enhances their base stats and can be achieved by obtaining Teammate Grade Enhancement Scrolls through events or clearing specific Achievements.

Rapport in Tower of God: New World


Yes, just like you get the overview from the word itself, Rapport is a crucial aspect of the game that involves building a stronger bond with each Teammate, resulting in beneficial effects and rewards. By increasing your Rapport level with a Teammate, you not only get to know more stories of the specific character but also unlock buff effects and receive special bonuses.

Teammate Rapport

To boost the Rapport level with a Teammate, you can send them Gifts or items that contribute to their Rapport EXP, which you can see the level indicated by a hand on hearts symbol. As their Rapport EXP reaches certain thresholds, their Rapport level will naturally increase. It’s important to note that certain Gifts are preferred by specific Teammates and offering these preferred gifts grants more Rapport EXP than others, which you can identify with the items you get.

Rapport in Tower of God: New World
Image via Netmarble

These Gifts can be earned by completing Missions, progressing through the Story Mode, or acquiring them from the in-game Shop. As mentioned earlier, there are preferred gifts for specific characters, which will be indicated at the top. So, make sure to utilize Gifts wisely and strengthen your bonds with your Teammates to enjoy the benefits and rewards that come with higher Rapport levels.

Alongside, on the right side of the screen, you can see the rapport progression alongside XP. You can see the attributes increasing for every gift you reward to your teammate, getting you to unlock Suspedium rewards on the way.

Limit Break in Tower of God: New World

This feature is pretty much known to most of the players, which helps to push the teammate performance and stats to a plus level. Again, like the first two, you can access this in the teammate screen itself. Simply select the skill you need to limit break and proceed with it. Break Stones are the resources needed, while you can consume for that particular character.

Limit Break in Tower of God: New World
Image via Netmarble

These Break Stones can be obtained by summoning duplicate Teammates you already own. The process of Limit Breaking involves enhancing 2 Active Skills and 1 Passive Skill, which, when completed, will significantly increase the Teammate’s Special Move level.

Pocket Certificate Effect

Do you see the constellations in your teammate’s profile while clicking Limit Break? Yep, this is called as Pocket Certificate effect, which allows you to boost certain stats of your teammate. It begins with 40% boost to ATK and will go all the way to Battle Start Energy. These are applied automatically, which you can access through the same page.

That’s all for the Tower of God: New World Progression Guide!

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