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Undead World: Hero Survival Hero Tier List for May 2022

Choose only the best heroes for your team!

Undead World: Hero Survival can really be quite fun to play and also relax. With that in mind, there will always be some difficult stages that many players may encounter, especially if they are new to the game. These stages may be too difficult for players since they will need the assistance of heroes who can assist the player’s team and turn the tide of battle. And, in certain cases, players may find it difficult to progress and may need to invest in a few chances to obtain stronger heroes in order to progress. With that, here is our Undead World: Hero Survival tier list of heroes to seek, along with a list of which ones will certainly benefit players throughout their journey.

Undead World: Hero Survival Hero Tier List for May 2022

This tier list should only be taken as a reference because different strategies and compositions can yield different results for players. This tier list will be separated into six categories of S, A, B, C, and the legend is as follows:

  • Tier S heroes are those who have great abilities that can definitely make any team powerful in their own right. It would be really beneficial if players would go for them early on, if not the whole bunch, then one of the four up there would definitely be counted as an advantage.
  • Tier A heroes are those next in line when it comes to being overpowered in the game. They still hold a lot of benefits when it comes to putting them into a player’s team and can definitely push the boundaries when it comes to damage or defending allies.
  • Tier B heroes in Undead World: Heroes Survival can still hold their own in a battle but are more or fewer placeholders for a team. While they may still have unique abilities, they are not as overpowered as the S and A tier heroes.
  • Tier C heroes are not much for keeping in the long run. They hold some pretty decent abilities while early on in the game but tend to fall off once players start progressing. They may also be some frontline units if they would be strong enough, otherwise, they would end up being part of a player’s collection.
Overpowered (S) Strong (A) Good (B) Fair (C)
 Tanya Nils

Though the roster for Undead World: Heroes Survival may be a bit limited, there would always be future updates and patches that may change this later on. Note that this list is based on the global success of all players currently playing it.

Undead World: Hero Survival Best Heroes for May 2022


This hero can be used both offensively and defensively. What makes her S tier as well as her ability to heal allies during the battle. And if ever she would be slain in battle, another one of her abilities kicks in. This would allow her to resurrect a zombie that would cause massive damage to enemies.

Undead World Hero Survival beginners guide


While being in the support role, Astra can definitely do a lot. One of his abilities allows him to resurrect dead allies and also buff them for a period of time. This would definitely help in the long battles and keep players’ teams alive. Other than that, he also decreases the attack of enemies which would get players the win much faster.


Gabriel is a defensive powerhouse that could fit just about any team. He is able to taunt enemies so that he would take the hits rather than his allies. Not only that, but as a tank, he gives out buffs for allies and shields too. He can also provide these heals, buffs, and shields for himself making him one of the toughest tanks in the game.

Players should check the list from time to time to find what best fits their teams. The important heroes to keep an eye out for can also help newer players set up what they need for their team and progress in the future. Players should feel free to mix up and match their teams to find what works best for them. It would be much better for players if they continue to enjoy the game while progressing forward.

What do you think about this Undead World: Hero Survival Hero Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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