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UNDECEMBER Beginners Guide and Tips

Customize your character completely in this classless ARPG

UNDECEMBER is a brand new ARPG from Line Games and is similar to the likes of Diablo Immortal in terms of action and features. In this game, players will have to go forward by hacking and slashing enemies and by navigating through a bunch of missions, and creating their own custom characters with various options available. Here’s the complete beginners guide of UNDECEMBER for amateurs to help them they can understand the game with ease and enjoy it without facing any difficulties or confusion.

Gameplay Overview

The game revolves around the player who is known as a Rune Hunter in this world and they need to do everything in their control to stop the Evil God Serpens from rising and bringing destruction and death to his world. UNDECEMBER and its characters, along with its skills and choices of attack are highly customizable and this guide will help the players understand the required basics of the game so that they can further take all the decisions with the right information and choose the path of choices and actions which the deem is fit according to them.

Introducing the Basics of UNDECEMBER

UNDECEMBER offers a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode. The single-player mode offers 5 Acts per episode which become more difficult gradually as the story progresses. It’s not just the fights that will get tougher, even the loot the players collect will become more valuable.

So that the players don’t get bored by just playing the single-player campaign mode, the developers have also provided a Chaos Dungeon where players can test out their skills by using a Chaos Card at the Chaos Statue in the village. They can either partake in it alone or with their online friends in the game.

UNDECEMBER Monsters Guide
Image via Line Games

The game offers various multiplayer modes to its players. The co-op Raid allows up to 8 players to take down bosses with elemental-type skills twice a week. The Spire of Barrier lets a group of 4 players fight against a wave of monsters which will help the players unlock exclusive supporting Rune orbs which will boost their survivability in the game.

Players can also enter the Void Rift after the clear Episode 2 of the campaign mode where they can challenge campaign bosses for a second for more rewards. They can also join a guild consisting of up to 50 players to take advantage of the Guild Passives and items from the Guild Shop.

Creating the Character

Players need to go through this process at the very beginning of the game, and it gets over quite quickly as there are not many options to choose from. Players can choose from two genders, which are male and female, and further customize their characteristics such as skin tone, face type, and hair color.

Creating the character
Image via LINE Games

After customizing the character according to their taste, they need to clock on Create and they’ll have successfully created their character in UNDECEMBER.

Mastering the Fighting styles

The basic fighting setup of any action RPG is clicking on various skills available to perform different actions and attacks, and managing and deciding which skill or attack to perform at which time so that the cool-downs don’t become the reason for one’s defeat.

Image via LINE Games

Different players prefer different types of strategies. Such as weapon or magic holders prefer to spam their attacks while melee attackers like to think about their plan first and fight accordingly in close combat. All of this depends on what gear the player is using and Undecember offers three types of gear namely Melee, Bow, and Magic. Here’s what each of their probable fighting styles is:

  • Melee: This one is pretty obvious as everyone knows players who belong to this category prefer close combat and use slashes and crowd control to manage the incoming wave of enemies.
  • Bow: Players belonging to this category usually prefer a combination of powerful attacks and the usage of different skills strategically to ensure the defeat of their enemies.
  • Magic: Players using magic have to smartly manage the usage of Mana which is denoted by a bar showing how much skill usage is left for a player. It is limited in quantity as otherwise there would be no competition left and thus they only have the authority to use a limited amount of magic for both defensive and offensive moves.

Utilize your Runes to their fullest

The runes in this game are divided into two types, Skill Runes, and Link Runes. As the name suggests, skill runes can be used to add new skills to the skill set of the players while link runes can be kinked with the existing skill runes to enhance and upgrade their abilities. You can check a detailed guide on how to utilize your Runes in our UNDECEMBER Runes Guide here.

At first, players first need to equip a skill rune in the hexagon grid. From there, they can add link runes to the hexagon to enhance the skill. One thing to keep in mind is that the color of both the runes should be matching otherwise the players wouldn’t be able to connect them. After finishing

Undecember runes guide
Image via LINE Games

After customizing the skill according to their choice, players can save them under skill slots that can be equipped. Players can have two slot sets each having space for saving five skills. The skills are limited and available according to the particular weapon the player is using.

Introducing the Zodiac System

After making progress in the campaign mode, players will unlock a Zodiac system. This system helps in upgrading the base stats of the player’s character. They have the option to choose between strength, dexterity, and intelligence.

Image via LINE Games

Bow-focused users prefer to focus on dexterity, while Magic users prefer to focus on intelligence, and lastly, melee users prefer to focus on strength.

Upgrading your Gear

Upgrading gear
Image via LINE Games

Players can find random gear throughout the game that they can use or disassemble. Disassembling it will provide the player with the essence which can be used to enchanting a gear. Which can be further done by visiting a blacksmith. More essence can be farmed by slaying monsters if compared to disassembling gears. You can check a detailed guide on how to upgrade your Gears and Enchantments in our UNDECEMBER Gears and Enchantments Guide here.

Undecember Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in UNDECEMBER:

  1. Players need to complete as many quests as they can to unlock all the features of the game.
  2. One should try to grow all the runes they have which help in improving their character’s growth as all runes are not important for it.
  3. Throughout the game, players will acquire a lot of armor and weapons and they should always try to keep the best one equipped for their character throughout the game.
  4. Players can disassemble the items that they find throughout the game and that are not used. One can visit the blacksmith’s shop for disassembling it and now instead of it just staying unused, players get to earn bonus rewards using it.
  5. One should also try to make the correct use of the alchemy desk by looking for the right ingredients for crafting or combining anything they want. They should also try to save up enough resources which are required for the process.

Final Thoughts

Undecember is different from other ARPGs as it has a classless system and offers a fully customizable build experience. Players get to customize their characters based on the skills they select, loadouts they create and runes they customize by themselves.

All of this provides a fresh sense of air in the world of action RPGs and enthusiasts from this genre should certainly give this a try if they want to try out something new. So get started, and don’t hesitate to give it a try, and never forget to refer to this UNDECEMBER beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for UNDECEMBER Beginners Guide! Did you find our UNDECEMBER beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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