Mobile Legends Siblings: Who is related to whom in the game

Learn more about the siblings in MLBB!

Many heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are related. Some pairs of siblings get special buffs if they are both picked in the same team, and even have voice lines that indirectly mention their brother/sister. Here are the official siblings in Mobile Legends.

Siblings in Mobile Legends

1. Lancelot and Guinevere 

Lancelot and Guinevere are a part of the Baroque family, one of the nobles in the Land Of Dawn. They have the most prestigious skills of fencing, which we can see in Lancelot; beauty and wisdom are also genetic signs of the Baroque family which we can see in Guinevere.

Lancelot and Guinevere MLBB
Image via Moonton

Lancelot adores his younger sister, and when he was attacked by magical troops of the south and thrown to the mountain depths, we see Guinevere’s love for him with her desire to find him.

2. Lesley and Harley

Lesley’s father was the head of security for the Vance family and was assassinated by the rival family of the Vances. Lesley took her father’s rifle and complete his work and tears rolled down her face. She was then adopted by the Vance family and their sole heir, Harley was put under her care.

From left to right: Lesley and Harley.
Image via Moonton

Lesley could control Harley’s mischief and would protect him as he learned magic in the Land of Dawn. Stories about a young magician and the mysterious black sniper spread widely.

3. Selena and Karina

Selena and Karina are Dark elves (elves who were once Moon Elves but had abandoned their faith in want of dark magic). As the Dark Elves plunged deeper into darkness, they started sacrificing their own people to the demons of the Shadow Abyss.

Image via Moonton

When Selena was chosen as the next sacrifice, Karina fought against her own people for her beloved sister. She was almost killed by the demons,  but her love for Selena did not fade.

4. Silvana and Dyrroth 

Silvana and Dyrroth were the Royal siblings of the Moniyan empire. On Dyrroth’s first birthday, his room was found empty; there were claw marks and blood all around the room.  The entire empire was devastated.

Silvana and Dyrroth MLBB
Image via Moonton

The trauma of having lost Dyrroth was too much for Silvana; she decided to join the Imperial Knights, thinking that it was the only way to forget the pain. When the Moniyan empire was attacked by the Abyssal demons, Silvana recognizes their leader “The Son of Darkness” as her brother and hopes to bring him back.

5. Zilong and Chang’e

Zilong and Chang’e are not related by blood. Being the youngest disciple of the Great Dragon, Chang’e had a playful personality and had to be put under the care of Zilong, the Great Dragon’s adopted son.

Image via Moonton

The Great Dragon hoped that Zilong would be able to guide Chang’e for he had a determined personality. Zilong eventually comes to love Chang’e as his little sister and even finds the Moon Rabbit for her. She even decides to assist Zilong in traveling between worlds with wise rulers. 

6. Fanny and Tigreal

Fanny and Tigreal were a part of the Wertz family, known for their participation in the Moniyan Empire’s army. However, Fanny was asked to study painting and design art so that she could take over their family business, because women were not allowed to join the army.

Tigreal and Fanny MLBB
Image via Moonton

Fanny, who looked up to her older brother Tigreal, decided to disregard this tradition and trained in arms. She slowly proved her worth and even joined the army when he had disappeared for unknown reasons. Fanny was determined to make Tigreal proud and not let him down.

7. Argus and Rafaela

Argus and Rafaela were twin siblings in Mobile Legends, their mother being an angel. The elder sister, Argus was never accepted, because of an age-old legend dictating that only girls were supposed to be angels. Therefore Argus’ origins were kept a secret, even from Argus himself.  

Image via Moonton

They were both followers of the Light, only Rafaela was allowed to represent the angels in front of huge masses. However, Argus’ faith in the Light never dwindled, and he cherished Rafaela very dearly.

8. Valir and Vale

Valir and Vale are respectively the sons of Flames and the king of Valley of Winds. They were best friends and so were their great fathers. But unfortunately, misjudgment and false conspiracies led to the death of Flames, which was more painfully from the hands of Vale’s father.

Valir Vale MLBB
Image via Moonton

Valir was there, along with Vale, when his father was murdered. Valir was grieved and he tried to fight the king of wind, but to his surprise, he was knocked off his feet, due to a wind tornado, summoned by his very own friend and sworn brother Vale leading to a rivalry.

9. Aamon and Gusion

Aamon was the eldest son of Duke Paxley and the family heir. Since childhood, he was subjected to strict discipline, rather than being free-spirited as his younger brother Gusion. Among all his brothers and sisters, Gusion had been the one he’d paid the most attention to.

Aamon Gusion MLBB
Image via Moonton

Because Aamon saw the qualities that he didn’t possess on Gusion – he was a free-spirited rebel who’d wreak havoc without a second thought. But Aamon didn’t dislike his brother for it, and whenever he looked at Gusion, he seemed to see the person he could have been.

10. Alucard and Harith

Alucard and Harith MLBB
Image via Moonton

Alucard and Harith are not really related to each other. They are both from different families but Alucard had saved Harith during an ongoing rebellion on his race. After that Harith became a strong ally, follower and Alucard’s young adopted brother to whom he fondly looks upon.

11. Alpha and Saber

Saber was created originally as a human weapon in Laboratory 1718 with the DNA combination of various skilled swordsmen. He is a fully self-aware cyborg who after not being able to torture the torments of the lab, rebelled against his creators, bought destruction upon the lab, and escaped.

Alpha Saber MLBB
Image via Moonton

On the other hand, Alpha was created later in the same lab by the same group of evil scientists as a replacement to Saber. He was created under the notion of a pure, man-made human who would always be loyal to the ideals. And upon his born, Alpha’s sole mission has been the end of his “elder brother”, Saber.

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