Mobile Legends Rafaela Guide: Best Build, Emblem and Gameplay Tips

Healing prayers for you.

Rafaela, the classic support in Mobile Legends also known as Wings of Holiness is one of the Guardians of the Palace alongside Uranus and Kaja. She’s well-rounded support that heals, boosts teammates’ movement speed, and equipped with skills to damage, slow, and stun enemies. Specializes at regen and poke, she’s a very underrated hero that can complete a lineup that’s missing good support. In this Mobile Legends guide, we’ll take a look at the best build, spell, emblem of Rafaela, and gameplay to play her better.

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Skill Analysis

Rafaela has four skills in total that consist of one passive and three actives. Her skillset is one of the most complete skillsets of support, which can heal, boost movement speed, damage, slow, and stunning. Her skills are also very easy to use because only her ultimate needs to be aimed. In this Rafaela guide, let’s see what are her abilities in Mobile Legends, and when you can use which skill to get the best out of her.

Passive – Deity Penalization

passive  Mobile Legends Rafaela Guide

Every time Rafaela is killed by an enemy hero, she will deal with damage 20% of max HP of the hero that killed her after a short period of time. This skill can be blocked by other heroes. Useful to kill a hero that’s low HP in a team fight or solo fight. However, you need to remember that this passive isn’t a ticket to let Rafaela die a lot.

Skill 1 – Light of Retribution

skill 1

Rafaela’s first skill damages and slows three nearby enemies around her. The next time the enemy hero is hit again by this skill, the damage he/she receives will be amplified, indicated by the feather stacks on the enemy up to three times. The best feature about this skill is that enemies inside the bush will be revealed if in range.

Spam this skill in team fights because enemies can be caught off guard because they don’t realize that they’re getting more and more damage each time they got hit by this skill. Lastly, if enemies are missing from the map, cast nearby bushes to check if they’re there.

Skill 2 – Holy Healing

skill 2 Mobile Legends Rafaela Guide

Rafaela heals and gives a movement speed boost to all nearby allies. Rafaela and the ally with the lowest HP will be healed more compared to others. The skill is useful in team fights since all allied heroes will be healed without need to aim, and the movement speed boost is like a brief Sprint that’s good enough to chase or escape. Be careful in casting this spell in case the movement boost can affect ally positioning prediction, or getting into tower range.

Skill 3 – Holy Baptism

skill 3

Her ultimate is a straight wave that stuns enemies in front of her. Cast this spell when tank like Tigreal, Atlas, or Khufra set enemies into one place for a guaranteed team fight win (not easy tho). To be honest, this skill is not as overwhelming as other heroes’ ultimate but it completes Rafaela as a support that has a CC skill.

Best Emblem Set and Spells for Rafaela

Emblem Set

The Support emblem fits best for Rafaela. Focusing Mark talent that increases damage to enemies works well with her first skill that doesn’t need to be aimed. Put talent point at movement speed and healing effect since it enables her to join team fights more with the extra movement speed, and heal teammates more in one healing.

Mobile Legends Rafaela Guide
Custom Support Emblem


Rafaela can use a few spells. In a lineup that’s aggressive and requires extra protection as support, Aegis is good for shielding damages in team fights combined with Rafaela’s heal. Other than that, Flameshot is an additional damage/CC skill that is good for her, especially in giving the finishing blow or slowing enemies down.

Best Builds for Rafaela in Mobile Legends

As a Support, Rafaela doesn’t need burst damage to finish off enemies but needs to cast skills at the right timing for her teammates. Therefore, cooldown and movement speed items are very crucial for Rafaela to build. After buying a wooden mask and basic boots, complete Enchanted Talisman for massive mana regeneration and very much needed 20% cooldown reduction. Rapid boots are important for Rafaela to be everywhere whenever her teammates need help.

Mobile Legends Rafaela Guide
Builds for Rafaela in Mobile Legends

For regen enemies, Necklace of Durance can decrease their regen ability. The next few items can be items that are useful for teammates like Ice Queen Wand for extra slowing effect, Thunderbelt for extra CC effect, or Oracle for enhanced healing effects, depending on the opponent lineup. Immortality is a must late game for longer presence and tankiness.

Mobile Legends Rafaela Gameplay Tips

A support hero gameplay is very dynamic throughout the game. Let’s take a look at how Rafaela can be effective in the early, mid, and late game. Our Rafaela guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late game in Mobile Legends. However, a player must need a good understanding of the map to bring the best out of any hero.

Early game

Rafaela should be buying a wooden mask and accompany teammates. Her first skill is good for getting first blood because of low cooldown and the slowing effect. Poke enemies with her first skill whenever possible to force them to go back to base. Don’t be afraid to be at the front in the early game because most heroes do not have the ability to kill Rafaela in the first few minutes.

Mid game

After getting Rapid Boots, Rafaela should and must be in every team fight. Her heal, slow, and Focusing Mark is vital in team fights so that your teammates can chase or finish low-level enemies. Not forgetting that Rafaela should not be alone at all times starting from mid-game because her wave clear is quite bad, she’s better off with a teammate.

Late game

Staying at the back is a must for this squishy lady in team fights. Other than spamming the heal skill, she should spam her first skill too to get the focusing mark and slow effect. Use her ultimate when needed only, such as when enemies are clumped together, escaping, or chasing low HP enemies. Being alive can decide the team fight win so Immortality is a must the late game.

Heroes Rafaela can counterHeroes that can counter Rafaela
Freya Hayabusa

Rafaela is a very popular counter against Natalia because her first skill can reveal Natalia’s location. Besides that, Rafaela is good against melee heroes that need to close the gap to fight because Rafaela’s poking, slowing, and sprinting skills can escape or chase melee heroes very affectively.

Like any other backline support, Rafaela’s squishiness makes her extremely vulnerable against assassins and burst damage. Often times, one combo can kill Rafaela already so bear in mind of assassin’s whereabouts. Take note of CC heroes too, as Rafaela is near to useless when she’s CC-ed.

Final Thoughts

Rafaela is a well rounded and underrated support. Others prefer Estes or Angela as their support but actually, Rafaela is as good, if not better than other supports. Keep in mind of support’s role, which is to help teammates to get kills and push. If the team lineup needs support, Rafaela can be an excellent choice anytime.

That’s all for today’s guide about Rafaela in Mobile Legends. Do you prefer to use Rafaela in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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