Tiny Nimble Podcast Episode 5: Apple Arcade, Mobile Esports, and more!

In this Tiny Nimble Podcast Episode 5, we dive into the hottest topics in mobile gaming these days, like the Apple Arcade, Google’s Play Pass subscription, the emerging mobile Esports scene, the good and bad of mobile MMORPGs, and the latest and greatest upcoming mobile titles.

You can listen to the podcast above, or watch the video-version.

Tiny Nimble Podcast Episode 5 highlights

Read on for a highlight of what’s covered in this episode of the mobile gaming podcast.

Mobile MMORPGs – Gameplay vs. Monetization

It seems that most 3D MMORPGs these days, like the recently-launched “Perfect World Mobile”, focus more on gameplay features and great graphics than on creating a fair gameplay experience for Free-to-Play players.

mobile mmorpgs,

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got indie MMORPGs like the 2D title “Curse of Aros”, which has no pay-to-win and no auto systems. But as a result, these types of games tend to feature a lot less content and less polished graphics.

Tiny Nimble Podcast Episode 5, mobile games,
Curse of Aros focuses on fair monetization over graphics and fancy gameplay!

Therefore, we discuss this trade-off between graphics + gameplay and fair monetization in-depth in the podcast, while providing suggestions for great mobile MMORPGs to play, like Old School Runescape.

Apple Arcade vs. Google Play Pass

Apple Arcade is launching globally tomorrow, offering 100+ premium mobile games with no ads nor in-app purchases at just $4.99 per month. But will their business model work out for developers in the long-term, and who is the service actually made for?

Tiny Nimble Podcast Episode 5, apple arcade,
Apple Arcade launching Sept. 19th 2019 at $4.99 per month!

First of all, we discuss Apple Arcade, but we also talk about Google’s upcoming competitor; the Google Play Pass, which reportedly also features non-gaming apps.

Mobile Esports on the rise?

Mobile Esports is on the rise, and it has been for years, with titles like Vainglory and Clash Royale leading the way. But which are the biggest mobile esports, and how much money is there to be made?

The most Noteworthy Mobile Esports discussed in the podcast:

Mics. Topics Covered

Pokémon Masters recently released, amassing 10 million downloads in its first 4 days on the market. As a result, the game’s already a huge success for Nintendo, but how has the game been received by players, and is it worth playing?

Tiny Nimble Podcast Episode 5, mario kart tour, mario games,
Mario Kart Tour is launching Sept. 25th 2019!

Mario Kart Tour is one of the most anticipated new Nintendo mobile titles of the year, but if the latest rumours are to be believed, the one feature we all wanted; real-time online multiplayer, will not be available in the game.

Why, Nintendo! Why?…

So if you love a good mobile gaming rant, you will certainly want to tune in as we complain about Mario Kart Tour not turning into the game we were all hoping for after all.

We hope you’ll enjoy the Tiny Nimble podcast episode 5, and be sure to let us know your thoughts on the topics covered as well as your ideas for topics to cover in future episodes.

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