A new Jurassic World mobile game might be under development

New trademark information reveals key details!

The Jurassic Park/World series have been among the biggest action movie franchises till now. Ever since the first Steven Spielberg film, people have been hooked to the dinosaur movies. It is only fitting for them to make games set in a universe where dinosaurs are actual living, breathing beings. A few official mobile games already exist, namely Jurassic World™: The Game and Jurassic World Alive. In spite of that, a new Jurassic World game, rumored to be under development, would definitely be pretty cool.

The game has been officially trademarked

While Universal Studios has not announced anything yet, it seems like they have something brewing for mobile devices. This was discovered through a new trademark for a game called “JURASSIC WORLD PRIMAL OPS”, trademarked by Universal City Studios LLC.

new Jurassic World game development
JURASSIC WORLD PRIMAL OPS trademark information

The description clearly mentions that it’ll be a downloadable application for computers, mobile, and consoles. This clearly indicates that the game will be coming out for mobile phones. It also seems that mobile devices will be a primary focus. This is all that has been revealed so far though. Further details should be coming out in a while in case Universal City Studios does decide to comment on this project.

So far, we only know the name and the platforms it’ll be releasing on. However, when it comes to games, “OPS” is a word, which is most commonly used to describe a tactical FPS-style game. This could also be different from the Augmented Reality (AR) and park management games we’ve got so far. We might have to even step into the shoes of some of the characters in the movie like Owen Grady. Until now, everything seems like speculation.

Whatever it is, a new official game is definitely a piece of good news, since this is a popular franchise. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get more information soon. It’ll be a fun and enjoyable experience when the game actually comes into the fray.

Are you excited about the new Jurassic World mobile game that is under development? Do let us know in the comments below.

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