AFK Arena 1.29 update: New Hero, Faction and Winter Event coming out

Adventurers! The new AFK Arena 1.29 update patch notes are finally here again. Last time we got some nice things, and this time Lilith will continue to deliver. The servers will be unavailable on 10th December 2019 from 7:00 to 9:00 UTC! And as always you will get 600 diamonds. A winter event is also creeping up to AFK Arena…

New Hero and a new Faction!

Dimensionals Heroes in AFK Arena 1.29 update

AFK Arena New Faction Dimensionals, afk arena 1.29 update

Not only are we getting a new hero, like usually, no, this time another big update is coming along. A new faction will be present; The Dimensionals! As the name suggests, they’re coming from a different world, a different dimension. Also, they have some unique features that will change the meta of the game.

  1. They do not have any factional advantages or disadvantages.
  2. They will have their own faction gear.
  3. Soul Fusion is something only they can do, it’s used to ascend them.

Soul Fusion for Dimensionals

This will be how the will raise their Ascension tier. Any dimensional hero can be fused with another non-dimensional faction hero. That way they will share the same level and ascension as the non-dimensional hero. In other words, if you fuse a dimensional hero with an LVL 200 Shemira Ascension tier, the dimensional hero will also be LVL 200 in Ascension tier.

If you used any resources to level up your dimensional hero before fusing them, you will regain them back once this hero will be fused.

You cannot use fused heroes in the same formation, so be aware of that!
After you decide that you do not want the fusion anymore, you are able to pay 100 diamonds to unfuse them. The dimensional hero will return to its basic LVL 1 Elite tier.

If the fused non-dimensional hero gets used as fodder, the connection will be unfuse and the dimensional hero reverts back to LVL 1 Elite tier as well.

Arthur – Pendragon

afk arena new hero arthurs pendragon, afk arena update
New Hero: Arthur

The first dimensional hero introduced to the game. We have also discussed him in a previous article, but now it’s finally official.

Arthur’s Hero Skills

  1. Smite: Arthur will claim Excalibur from a lake the first time this ability is used. Once he is wielding the Lake Excalibur, Arthur’s normal attacks will be greatly strengthened. Any subsequent uses of this ability will then deal 380% AoE damage to enemies in front of Arthur.
    1. Level 81: Damage increased by up to 430%.
    2. Level 161: Damage increased by up to 480%
  2. Excalibur’s Fury: Arthur uses his sword to form a blade aura that deals 200% damage to all enemies that it passes through. If Arthur is using the Lake Excalibur, he will form an additional 2 blade auras that target the enemies to his sides. Any enemies that are struck by multiple blade auras will receive 40% less damage from subsequent attacks.
    1. Level 21: Damage increased by up to 220%.
    2. Level 101: Damage increased by up to 240%.
    3. Level 181: Damage increased by up to 260%.
  3. King’s Blessing: Arthur thrusts his sword into the ground, creating a small shockwave that deals 220% damage to nearby enemies, simultaneously forming a shield around himself which is equal to 400% of his attack rating’s value If Arthur is wielding the Lake Excalibur, an additional aura that lasts for 8 seconds will be cast upon the ground, reducing the amount of damage inflicted upon all allied heroes that are standing within it by 35%.
    1. Level 121: Value of shield is increase to 440% of attack rating value.
    2. Level 201: Value of shield is increase to 480% of attack rating value.
  4. Shield of Honor: Attacks that strike Arthur face on deal 50% less damage to him.
    1. Level 141: Attacks that strike Arthur face on deal 60% less damage to him.
    2. Level 221: Attacks that strike Arthur face on deal 70% less damage to him.

How to acquire him

There are different ways to get this hero. You can purchase 15 Soulstones from the Labyrinth Store for 60,000 Labyrinth Tokens. As always, you need 60 Soulstones to summon a unit, so it adds up to 240,000 Labyrinth Tokens in total. This will take up some time to get him, as you need to wait for the refresh of the store as well.
There will also be an offer where you can buy him with real-world currency in the merchants page. It will be off by 50%, so the price you will pay will be around the 50 in your currency equivalent.

Midwinter Feast Event

afk arena midweinter feast event ice shemira boss
Ice Shemira Boss

Winter is coming, as some of you might have noticed. It started to snow not only where you’re at (or it just got colder for you), but also Ranhorn is seeing some snow.

The event that will be described now is not 100% confirmed by Lilith themselves and was only found by other players in the game files. What we know is, that it might be like the previous Halloween Event. Instead of fighting a demonic Nemora, you will face an Ice Shemira. We don’t know as of yet what else she has to offer, so stay updated with us!

Additional Updates for the AFK Arena 1.29 update patch notes

Additions and Optimisations

  1. Winter is here! Added a new wintery look to Ranhorn and the Dark Forest.
  2. Added the new Voyage of Wonders adventure: The Frosted Expanse, which will be available from 2019/12/13 00:00 UTC.
  3. Reworked the player portrait frame design. Portrait frames are now all round in shape.
  4. Enhanced the design of all in-game buttons.
  5. Enhanced the ‘Event’ page’s appearance.
  6. Adjusted the difficulty for the following campaign stages in order to make stage progression smoother: 4-36, 6-8, 6-12, 6-28, 7-28, 9-35, 9-38, 11-33, 11-38, 14-12, 23-24, 24-52, 25-56.
  7. Made adjustments to multiple enemy formations within all faction towers of the ‘Towers of Esperia’.
  8. Added new tutorials for multiple structures within ‘Ranhorn’ that appear when they are unlocked.
  9. Added the ability to zoom in and out of the World Map.
  10. Enhanced button sound effects.
  11. Added a new emoji pack to the chat system. The game must be re-downloaded from your app store in order for this new feature to appear.
  12. The daily quest chests will now reward players with a ‘Small Pile of Hero’s Essence’ after completing stage 16-30 instead of the previously fixed amount. This change will take effect after refreshing the daily quest page once the update has been implemented.

Hero Balance Changes

  1. Numisu – The All Seer
    1. Raised Numisu’s overall health value by 6%.
    2. Raised the health value for all of the ‘Rejuvenating Totem’ ability’s totems. The previous health value of a totem was equal to 200% of Numisu’s attack rating, the new value is now 220%.
    3. The Rejuvenating Totems’ healing over time effect is no longer determined by Numisu’s attack rating value. The healing over time effect for the ability ‘Rejuvenating Totem’ now heals 3% of the healing target’s max health per second.
    4. Optimized the summoning locations of the ‘Rejuvenating Totem’ ability. Rejuvenating totems will now be summoned in locations that are more difficult to attack.
    5. Adjusted the health values of Offensive Totems. Offensive Totem health values were previously equal to 450%/500%/550% of Numisu’s attack rating per each respective level. The new health value for all levels of this ability is now equal to 650% of Numisu’s attack rating.
    6. Optimized ability descriptions so that they now display clear values.
  2. Vurk – The Devious
    1. Piercing Bolt – Raised the damage coefficient from 120%/130%/140%/150% up to 140%/150%/170%/170% per each respective skill level.
    2. Piercing Bolt – Bolts now deal 10% less damage per each subsequent enemy that they pass through instead of the previous 5% damage.
    3. Piercing Bolt – Level 4 of this ability now allows Vurk to recover 40 additional energy points per struck enemy when striking multiple enemies instead of the previous 30 points.
    4. Invisibility – Increased the duration for which Vurk is invisible for from 6/6/7 seconds up to 8/8/10 seconds per each respective skill level.
    5. Piercing Bolt – Optimized the ability description.
  3. Khasos – The Unruly
    1. Rabid Thirst – Raised the ability’s Life Leech effects from 10/10/15 points up to 15/15/18 points per each respective skill level.
    2. Rabid Thirst Level 2 – Raised the Life Leech effects received by allies belonging to same faction as Khasos from 6 points up to 10 points.
  4. Baden – The Abomination
    1. Phantom Strike – Attributes inherited by phantoms have been raised from 65%/65%/75%/75% up to 70%/70%/80%/80% per each respective skill level. Damage received by phantoms has been reduced from 250% down to 220%.
    2. Phantom Assassin – Attributes inherited by phantoms have increased from 85% up to 90%. Damage received by phantoms has been reduced from 180%/180%/140% down to 150%/150%/130% per each respective skill level.
  5. Kaz – Hand of the Wood
    1. Assassinate – Optimized the ability description.
    2. Assassinate – Raised ability damage from 200% up to 250%
    3. Feline Finesse – Raised dodge point bonuses from 60/60/80 up to 70/70/100 per each respective skill level.
  6. Safiya – Daughter of the Desert
    1. Falling Sun – Maximum damage increased from 420%/460%/500% up to 540%/600%/660% per each respective skill level.
    2. Spectral Disruption – Now reduces enemy attack ratings by 50% instead of 40%.
  7. Fixed a problem that was preventing ‘health recovery increased / decreased’ effects from being used in tandem with ‘healing over time’ abilities.”

The Developer Feedback

Once again it has tackled some questions the playerbase has, be sure to check it out yourself on their official Discord Server.

What do you think of the new faction and their new hero in this AFK Arena 1.29 update?? Is he great or not so much? Be sure to join our Discord Community as well!

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