AFK Arena 1.28 update brings another Hero, a new Union and some more

AFK Arena 1.28 Patch Notes are here and they’re bringing a new Celestial hero with them. A new union has been introduced to the game as well as a new Voyage of Wonders. And as always some improvements to the game itself! The release date has been announced! 2019/11/26 7:00 – 9:00 UTC, get ready.

A new hero in AFK Arena 1.28!

afk arena new celestial hero talene the rising phoenix intro

Talene’s blood became lava. Her wings radiated the heat of a sun and the air shimmered and waved around her. She shot toward the heavens in her new form, a celestial. Fire trailed behind her in an orange streak, warmly illuminating the very land she would save…

We have talked about her in the last AFK Arena article. She was assumed to be a new hero alongside others, and we were right. Read more about her skills at the end of the article!

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New Union – Guardians of the Abyss

afk arena new union guardian of the abyss gorvo and seirus

In the Ranhorn library, you will soon see a new union that can be filled with Gorvo and Seirus.

Improvements in AFK Arena 1.28

1. New Voyage of Wonders

Fields Of Stone will be the new Voyage of Wonders adventure.

2. Adjustments to Campaign difficulty and the Store

Adjusted the difficulty of the first 12 chapters to make them difficulty smoother for progression. Several adjustments were made within the Store and Arcane Labyrinth Store to the products.

Arcane Labyrinth Store Changes

3. “Noble Subscriptions” Feature

A new subscription feature is added: Noble Subscription.

4. Hero Balance Changes

Reworked Gwyneth’s “Focus Fire” level 3 ability effects.

5. VIP Experiences

VIP Experience can now be received as a chapter completion reward. But do not worry! Players that have already completed chapters can receive this EXP via mail.

6. Miscellaneous

  • hero wishlist can be unlocked earlier after completing stage 1-12, as well as adjusted the default wishlist heroes.
  • Revised two stories: The Dragon Slayers and Warek’s background story.
  • The battle text will now show how much value a shield has lost or gained.
  • Added a new “Enhance” and “Strengthen” recommendation page. Now there will be less red symbols on the “Heroes” page to nag on us!
  • You can now view more players’ progress on the campaign and world map pages.
  • Gift of Light was moved to the “Merchants” page and made its unlock requirements visible to players. It will not affect players using or claiming this item in any way.
  • Clarified the rules of the Regal Rewards and Champions of Esperia.
  • Optimised the visual effects of Raine’s Lock On ability.
  • Optimised the summoning animation effect.
  • Optimized the battle screens of the Arcane Labyrinth, Peaks of Time and Voyage of Wonders so that they now display the heroes’ Combat Ratings and relic bonuses.
  • Optimised animations and picture sharpness of the following heroes:
    • Ira – Rogue of the Forest
    • Merek
    • Athalia – Harbinger of Justice
    • Lucius – Lightbringer
    • Kaz – Hand of the Wood
    • Gorvo – The Indomitable
    • Mehira – Mind Cager

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Talene, The Rising Phoenix

afk arena new celestial hero talene the rising phoenix skills

Talene was an Obsidian Finch and she watched as her mother died to the demons she tried to fight back. So she decided to take on a journey to the Cradle and dive into it, to become a celestial and help the people of Esperia.

Her Skills

  • Fire Born: Talene goes into ‘Phoenix’ form that lasts until death and converts 90% of her current health into a permanent shield of equal value, plus an additional extra permanent shield on top that is equal to 20% of her max health. Talene’s normal attacks will turn into close-range area attacks that deal 150% damage while in Phoenix form.
    • Level 81: Talene’s normal attacks deal additional damage that is equal to 20% of her ‘Fire Born’ shields’ remaining values.
    • Level 161: Additional shield is equal to 25% of Talene’s max health.
  • Meteor Shower: Talene calls down a fiery meteorite that deals 200% damage to a single enemy target. When Talene is in Phoenix form, meteorites will continually fall randomly every 0.5 seconds upon random enemy targets for a certain duration of time.
    • Level 21: Damage increased by up to 240%.
    • Level 101: 30% of arrow damage is converted into health.
    • Level 181: Damage increased by up to 280%.
  • Phoenix Rising: Every time Talene dies she transforms into a fireball. While in this state, Talene recovers 7% of her max health every second and cannot be targeted by her enemies but will still receive the positive effects of her allies’ abilities. Once Talene’s health reaches 50%, she is reborn, resulting in a brilliant explosion that deals 200% area damage to enemies. Talene’s Recovery Rate is reduced by 20% every subsequent time that she transforms into a fireball.
    • Level 121: Damage increased by up to 250%.
    • Level 201: Damage increased by up to 300%.
  • Afterglow: A passive ability that allows for Talene’s 2 weakest allies to respectively recover 150% of Talene’s Attack Rating as health each time Talene cumulatively loses 10% of her max health.
    • Level 141: Health recovery increased by up to 200% of Attack Rating.
    • Level 221: Health recovery increased by up to 250% of Attack Rating.

Watch her in action!

“A little gameplay with the new hero Talene”

What is your opinion about this new AFK Arena 1.28 update? Do let us know in the comments below and join the discussion in our Discord Community Server!

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Sambhav Prakash

Looking forward to the new hero.:D


So am I! I’m wondering if she will be agility or strength. Personally I hope for strength since we already have Athalia and her agility.

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