Amazon Kids+ enters the mobile gaming industry with two new games

More fun for kids on the way!

Amazon has added more weapons to its arsenal, in a bid to appeal to kids by adding two children-friendly mobile games to its catalog on Amazon Kids+, the subscription service targeted exclusively at kids. Amazon Kids+ was launched initially with the aim of providing entertainment content targeted to kids such as comics, books, movies, and TV shows. For just $2.99 per month, parents can treat their kids to a host of entertainment products targeted exclusively for kids.

Amazon makes a comeback into mobile gaming after a long time

Amazon Mobile has been out of the mobile game industry for a while, with the last game it published being all the way back in 2015. While Amazon Game Studios has since published games such as New World and Lost Ark, which became a massive success on PC, this is the first time Amazon has shown any inclination to enter the mobile game market in a very long time.

Super Spy Ryan
Image via Amazon

Joining the catalog are two mobile games, based on the Amazon special series Super Spy Ryan and Do, Re, Mi. The games will be completely ad-free and are also free to download. The games themselves are being published by Amazon mobile.

Amazon Kids+ introduces two new mobile games for kids

1. Super Spy Ryan

Super Spy Ryan is a multiplayer game. The game is currently released in the US, UK, and Ireland and more countries are expected to follow suit. Keeping the safety of kids in mind, Super Spy Ryan will have no social features such as the ability to add friends or chat.

Players will also be allotted a random spy-themed username. The game also features a single-player mode and a party mode. In Super Spy Ryan, players compete to find out who can rescue the most stolen birthday gifts from the evil Packrat’s lair. Standing in their way are Packrat’s patrolling henchmen; if players are caught, they’ll have to drop all the presents and again start from the beginning.

2. Do, Re & Mi

Do, Re, MI, on the other hand, is expected to follow suit quickly, also in the US, UK, Ireland, and Canada. The game is a music education-based game targeting kids between the ages of 3 and 6. The game features a variety of activities that teach kids how to play songs on the piano or the bongos, learn about the basics of reading sheet music, and fun musical concepts such as solos and duets.

Additionally, kids can also produce their own music in the studio by mixing and matching different instrumental loops with recordings of them playing instruments in the game, with the ability to even add their own vocals. The game will also feature the voices of Kristen Bell and Jackie Tohn.

Amazon is not the first company to make an effort to corner the children’s market. Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming platforms have also brought out similar services. It remains to be seen how far Amazon will go into diving into the mobile game market and whether they will start releasing games targeted at older audiences too.

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