Arena of Valor celebrates 5v5 fest with a new version update from April 26, 2022

Connecting the global community of AoV in meaningful ways and with valuable rewards!

With the upcoming 5v5 Fest and a new version upgrade, Arena of Valor (AoV), the popular 5v5 MOBA experience, is gearing up for an exciting May. Players can expect additional content in the future, including exciting in-game events, intriguing cooperation with a big anime IP, a new hero named Yan, and a fresh new season.

The 5v5 Fest is the Arena of Valor Friends Fest for the global community, and it takes place from April 26 to May 31revolving around the theme of Let’s High Five!. Developers want to transmit pleasant emotions to players through this theme, urging them to team up to enjoy the AoV Friends Fest and rewarding them with even more bonuses.

Arena of Valor will feature in-game events with exciting rewards

There will be various exclusive and time-limited in-game events from May 1 to 3 enabling even more gamers to join in the fun. Players will not lose a star if they lose in ranking mode, allowing them to keep fighting to the top, while Team Skin Sharing will allow players to share their skins with teammates after matches, allowing them to enjoy the delight of seeing different heroes in different guises.

Arena of Valor Friends Fest
Image via Tencent Games

From May 1 to 5, the 5v5 Fest Lucky Box event will be running, giving AoV players the chance to get up to five different heroes of their choice simply by partnering up with others during the 5v5 Fest. It’s as simple as adding your favorite heroes to the prize pool, forming teams, and playing games to collect wish tokens, then exchanging them for a random hero from the prize pool.

Introducing Yan, the painter from Dragon Kingdom

Yan, the great painter of the Dragon Kingdom, will make his debut on April 26 at the start of the 5v5 Fest. Yan can be inspired by his ultimate ability and improve all of his skills as a fierce fighter who is both quick and nimble on the battlefield. Developers want gamers to think of innovative ways to use this new hero during combat to assist Yan to overcome his creative obstacles.

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