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Ash of God’s: Redemption, a new RPG title opens up for pre-registration on Android

Embrace the adventures!

Ash of God’s: Redemption is a new RPG title brought to you by AurumDust. The game, Ash of God’s: Redemption is available for pre-registration for Android and is already available for Consoles and PCs. The game is also expected to be released for iOS very soon.

Ash of God’s: Redemption aims to deliver a turn-based RPG experience based on a Rogue-like Storytelling gameplay

Ash of God’s: Redemption will aim to deliver a turn-based RPG with an emphasis on Rogue-like Storytelling. Test your strategic prowess in challenging tactical battles and navigate a world where morality is not well defined and is what you make of it. There is no right or wrong in this world and it all depends on what perspective you as a player carry with you.

The game, Ash of God’s: Redemption features a beautifully crafted world with an isometric view to ensure you can maximize your strategic power in the battles and gain an edge over the enemies. Every decision you make in the storyline will set up the story accordingly, it will be on you to ensure that humanity survives.

Ash of God's Redemption gameplay line image
Image via AurumDust

The game banks on storyline branching meaning that every step and decision you make will lead to different outcomes and ultimately unique endings. Being a decision-based game the ultimate choices regarding how the story will unfold lie with you as the players.

As the game progresses, you will have to face moral dilemmas and make tough choices, some times the right choices will be clear and will lead to the right results, however sometimes bad decisions might lead to the right results, hence it will ultimately be your choice to make sure that you mix up the choices accordingly and unlock the right ending for the game.

The game is now available for pre-registration on Android

Ash of God’s: Redemption is now available for pre-registration on Android. The game can be accessed via Google Play. The expected to be released on iOS very soon, however as of now there is no information regarding when it will be released, hence stay tuned.

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