Auto Chess MOBA plans to conduct multiple tests throughout 2022

The developer has shared an update on map, heroes and visuals of the game!

In early 2021 Dragon Nest announced that the team is working on a MOBA game based upon the Auto Chess universe. The game is titled Auto Chess MOBA and features all the chess characters from Auto Chess. The developers have shared an update on the game revealing that they will conduct multiple Auto Chess MOBA tests in 2022 to let the players enjoy the beta version of the game.

Details of Map, heroes, and visuals have been revealed

The game developers have revealed pre-alpha gameplay footage and shared intricate details about what players should expect from the upcoming MOBA game. The footage shows us Auto Chess MOBA’s design in three different areas: map, heroes, and visuals

The map has been designed so that the top and the bottom lanes of the map are asymmetrical. The map includes 1040 destructible trees, 18 creep camps, 12 high-ground platforms, and many other mechanics, including a day-night cycle. The side lane creeps won’t be completely identical in the game, and the bot lane will intersect with enemy’s top lane. The intersecting point in the map will be closer to the bot lane’s tower, which creates a distinction between safe and off-lane.

Autochess MOBA to conduct multiple tests
Autochess MOBA Map (Image via Dragon Nest)

The developers explained that the map has been designed in a way so that it will allow two factions more opportunities to fight with “more wits and courage during laning.” Apart from these mechanics currently, the developers are also testing more mechanics like teleportation or tree destruction. 

The battle design of the game is also an important aspect for the developers. They have said that the game’s heroes have four abilities; one is derived from Auto Chess, and the other three are used as a key to designing the heroes. In the designing process, game balance, logic, and game feel have been taken into full consideration. The heroes of Auto Chess MOBA will not have any initial general abilities.

Players will be able to carry three active items simultaneously to form a variety of gameplay styles such as Teleport Dagger, Scythe of Vyse, and Orb of Refresh. Additionally, roaming and teamwork are part of Auto Chess MOBA’s core gameplay.

Autochess MOBA to conduct multiple tests
Autochess MOBA Gameplay (Image via Dragon Nest)

It has been revealed in the news update that initially, the developers tried to bring the original Auto Chess characters for the visual process. It turned out that they were not satisfied with the results, so they selected some chess piece skins and adapted them to the art style and game feel of Auto Chess MOBA. The concept artists for the game have used two distinct graphic and color designs to showcase the two opposing camps on the map.

The in-game world includes two different races: the Sacred Alliance and the Demonic Legion. For example, the Sacred Alliance tower design includes white tones, squares, plant totems, and an atmosphere of order. In contrast, the Demonic Legion tower design has gray tones, flames, sharp graphics, and an atmosphere of rebellion

Auto Chess MOBA global release date

For now, no official release dates have been announced. The dev log only discussed the upcoming beta tests. The developers have confirmed that they are continuously following up on community feedback as they aim to build a unique MOBA game that is more strategy-driven than the existing ones.

So, what are your thoughts on Auto Chess MOBA conducting multiple tests? Let us know in the comment section below!

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