BATTLE CRUSH opens pre-registrations ahead of the official release on June 27th, 2024

Time for a battle!

BATTLE CRUSH, NCSOFT’s multiplayer action title has now opened pre-registrations across Mobile and PC platforms, and the official confirmation has arrived from the developers that the game will see an official release on the 27th of June, 2024.

During its beta run, we had coverage from our team on various topics. Don’t miss out on sweet loot, grab redeem codes in the game. And be sure to peek at our tier list for top Calixers and the detailed Rank guide and Battle Royale Map Guide to explain more of the game.

BATTLE CRUSH brings together fun game modes for players to enjoy

First announced in February last year, BATTLE CRUSH was to offer an entire battle royale experience, where players would be expected to compete with real-time players from across the world. The same year, we saw the first closed beta test for Android in select regions, followed by a second beta test in March this year.

BATTLE CRUSH How to Rank Up Faster
Image Via NCSOFT

In this action-packed game, you’ll join 29 others in a battle in a shrinking arena. Your goal? Be the last one standing in just 8 minutes. Use a range of skills to outsmart and outfight your opponents. Whether it’s quick combos or powerful strikes, there’s no room for boring moves here. Look for treasure chests spread around the battlefield to get items that can aid you in increasing your chances.

Well, your foes are out there too. You have many available Calixers to choose from with unique abilities, like throwing water spheres at enemies or turning them into stone. You can pick from multiple game modes, be it Battle Royale for solo or team play, Brawl where you pick 3x Calixers of your choice to battle it out in an enclosed arena, or Duel for 1v1 showdowns.

Pre-register for BATTLE CRUSH ahead of release to claim exciting rewards

Before heading to the release, you can head for pre-registrations for BATTLE CRUSH on both Android and iOS via the Google Play Store and App Store, with email registrations also possible via the official website. This multi-platform title will be available on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS, with cross-play support.

Well, you will get some freebies if you add BATTLE CRUSH to your Steam wishlist, you’ll get rewards like the Premium Calixer Trial Pack, Freyja’s Costume Skin (Starry Night), and 5x Profile Images. If you pre-register with your email, you will also receive Freyja’s Weapon Skin (Night Sky). So don’t miss out on that chance!

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