Battlefield Mobile is getting a much-needed graphics upgrade in the upcoming beta

The game is now available for pre-registration worldwide!

Battlefield Mobile, the upcoming mobile version of the popular Battlefield franchise is likely to upgrade its graphics before entering the beta test. The franchise is known for its action-filled FPS (first-person shooter) gameplay. Games on mobile platforms are gaining popularity every day. Most developers behind hit games on PCs and consoles are trying to bring their flagship titles to mobile devices.

The last Battlefield title globally released was Battlefield 2049. The game was bashed by critics and gamers worldwide. Most people in the gaming community believe that the developers are trying to redeem themselves with Battlefield Mobile. They are now burning the midnight oil in finishing the game with top-notch graphics and preparing it for its global launch.

The devs are finally enhancing the in-game graphics for the upcoming beta test

Battlefield Mobile is currently in its alpha stage and available on limited devices. Players who participated in the alpha test are saying that the game still needs a lot of improvement. Reviews for the early version are mixed around the world. 

According to some latest leaks, it looks like the game is receiving huge graphic enhancements. Some images have been revealed that were shared on Twitter by credible game news leaker Sam. The leaked images are showing a very detailed in-game world. The integral elements of a Battlefield game are tanks and guns. All the major gameplay objects are featured in these leaked images.

Batlefield Mobile Graphics upgrade
Image via Electronic Arts

Looks like the developers are leaving no stones unturned for Battlefield Mobile. They want to give gamers the ultimate experience with immersive graphics which is a critical part of the gameplay experience. Since mobile devices nowadays are capable of handling high-quality graphics, very few games compromise on this part. As of now, there is no official release date for Battlefield Mobile but this latest update confirms that EA means business when it comes to bringing their FPS title on mobile.

What are your thoughts on the graphics upgrade for Battlefield Mobile before the beta test? Let us know in the comments below!

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