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Black Desert Mobile Node War Pre-Season is now underway

The first-ever Node War is finally happening in Black Desert Mobile. Pearl Abyss has revealed that the pre-season of Node War is now underway in Black Desert Mobile. Now, adventurers can team up with their guild to win battles against others and conquer Nodes ahead of the official large-scale PVP update scheduled to take place in mid-January.

How Node War will work in Balck Desert Mobile

Guilds can participate in a Node War through a bidding process, where three guilds with the highest bids will be selected as participants. Participating guild members must attack the opposing guilds’ Holy Artifacts while defending their own to win. Guilds that win the Node War will take possession of the Node for seven days. Along with that, they’ll receive large sums of silver collected as tax from the areas surrounding the Node. During the pre-season, Node Wars will take place from 10 PM to 12 PM (server time) on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

Node War Pre-Season event details

Black Desert Mobile events

To celebrate the pre-season Pearl Abyss came up with an event. Please find the event details below.

Participation Reward

Participate in at least 1 Node War During the EventGood Black Stone Sack x 1

Victory Reward

Acquire a Tier 1 NodeGood Black Stone Sack x 1
Acquire a Tier 2 NodeGood Black Stone Sack x 2
Acquire a Tier 3 NodeGood Black Stone Sack x 3

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It is worth mentioning that, the players will receive the rewards only after the 1/8 maintenance. One player can only receive the reward once regardless of the number of participation. And Pearl Abyss will announce the end of pre-season event separately.

Are you participating in the Black Desert Mobile Node War? What are your expectations out of it? Do let us know in the comments below! However, if you are looking for a friendly group of mobile gamers to hang out, feel free to join our Discord Server.

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