Brawl Stars December 2020 Brawl Talk: Brawlidays update to bring two new brawlers and more

Brawl Stars is a freemium fast-paced 3vs3 multiplayer and battle royale by Supercell. The developers are out with a new Brawl Talk video, which showcases the upcoming updates and changes inside the game. In this article let us have a detailed overview of the Brawl Stars December 2020 Brawl Talk.

Brawl Stars December 2020 Brawl Talk


The developers are introducing a new event called Brawlidays. In addition to that, they will be presenting 2 new Brawlers and numerous gifts for those who will be participating during this event. 

Each day the game will reward with a single gift. This free reward session will be starting from 12 December until 24 December. The players must keep it in mind to redeem the gifts every day. It is made clear in the announcement that, the unclaimed gifts will be removed. The probable gifts during this event can be Chests, coins, double tokens, and one final skin

Two new Brawlers

The event will also introduce two new Brawlers making it a total of 43 Brawlers. Byron is one of the brawlers. He belongs to the mythic category and will be available the day after the update. Another one is Edgar, who is available for free. 


He is basically a support Brawler and is the third member of Piper and Barley’s Trio. Byron is acting as a salesman and will be able to give you items to boost up your damage in the game and support you as well. Byron’s skills damage the enemy over time and heal the allies. 


Brawl Stars December 2020 Brawl Talk

Edgar is an Epic Brawler who works in the Gift Shop. This brawler is fast attacking melee brawler who attacks with his scarf. He has an auto-healing ability to sustain due to his low hp. Also, he can leap over obstacles like Daryl. He is free to grab during the Brawlidays event, make sure to obtain him.

New Skins

Brawl Stars December 2020 Brawl Talk
Brawl Stars December 2020 Brawl Talk mew skins

  • Snowman Tick
  • Holiday Party Frank
  • Nutcracker Gale

Also, the developers will be releasing a set of True Silver and Gold Skins. The skins are for Daryl, Crowe, Tara, Jesse, and Tick. 

Upcoming new Events in January

Brawl Stars December 2020 Brawl Talk

Supercell will host a duo showdown challenge, where the winner will get Warrior Bo as the reward. The reward is exclusively available for the winner before the global release. Although, the Warrior Bo will be available a week after in the shop.

Bounty Adjustments

Developers are introducing Blue Stars in the game which will prevent ties during the match. Basically, the Blue Star replaces the original star in the center and either of the team has to pick it up and hold it till the end to be victorious. If your team gets wiped out the enemy team will be able to grab it. 

Other Adjustments

  • Gem Grab ends in 30 seconds after the last Gem Grabbed.
  • Siege environment is now Pam’s Scrapyard.
  • 8 New animated pins 
  • Present Plunder is now back
  • Trophy Season will now last for 4 weeks and has less decay

What do you think about the new changes that were discussed in the Brawl Stars December 2020 Brawl Talk? How excited are you about the new update? Let us know in the comment section below!

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