Brawl Stars to feature new DJ 3.M.Z skin via Supercell MAKE

New skin selected out of 3,000 submissions from the latest campaign.

The DJ 3.M.Z skin was chosen as the winner through a community vote in the current Brawl Stars Supercell MAKE campaign, for its pop star Emz. Chosen from over 3,000 submissions over the Brawl Stars players from all over the world, the design of DJ 3.M.Z. skin will be published in the game via Supercell MAKE. The winner, @Bouncyduck, will receive $2,500, 10 free skins to give away to friends and followers, and their DJ 3.M.Z. skin will be featured in Brawl Stars later this year.

Brawl Stars is a fast-paced multiplayer team shooter in which players gather their pals for raucous, real-time 3v3 brawls and winner-take-all solo or pair battles. To win the brawl, players can go into their preferred game mode and play fast bouts for dramatic multiplayer mayhem.

Supercell MAKE continues to engage the community of Brawl Stars with exciting contests

Supercell MAKE is a community contest held by the Finnish developer to add new content to the game on a regular basis. Community members can create and contribute their own content. One of these submissions is chosen to be included in Brawl Stars.

Supercell MAKE invites all players to create and submit themed character skins for a chance to be included in the game and win cash rewards. More than 6,100 skin concepts have been submitted, seven million votes have been cast, and seven community-designed skins have been included in Brawl Stars since its premiere in November 2019.

supercell make
Image via Supercell Make

This campaign marked the first time that submissions may be made in two dimensions, putting the emphasis on the concept of the character skin rather than the execution and making the competition more accessible to a wider audience. 3,000 submissions were submitted during this campaign alone.

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