Clash of Clans December 2021 Update: Cost reductions, New troops and more

Cost Reductions Coming Soon!

Clash of Clans’ new update will come in the December of 2021, with a lot of good news for the chiefs. It is mostly focused on cost reduction in each sector, including the change of upgrade costs and times. A post titled “Cost Reductions Coming Soon!” from the game’s official website, has confirmed the news. Clash of Clans is yet to announce the release date of their December 2021 update. Excluding the cost, a lot of new changes that are still unknown will be introduced through this update.

Clash of Clans December 2021 update: Highlights

Cost reductions

The update will reduce upgrade costs and upgrade times, across the board. The reduction includes from Troops to Heroes to Defenses to Spells. It will make the journey a bit smoother to reach a higher Town Hall from the lower ones. Here’s a brief overview of what will be in this update.

Clash of Clans December 2021 update: Cost reductions
  • The Gold upgrade cost will be cut by 10-25% between Town Hall 7- Town Hall 12 for most of the buildings.
  • The Laboratory elixir costs and upgrade timers will get a massive cut for the first few levels of each troop. It will make sure of faster upgradation for new players.
  • Heroes are no exception as the Barbarian King and Archer Queen will get moderate cost and timer cuts through the middle levels (30-65). Players who’re playing for a considerable amount of time will get an advantage here. On the other hand, the Grand Warden and Royal Champion will receive large cuts to cost and timers for the first several levels to help players unlock their abilities sooner.
  • Walls will be getting 25-60% of their cost reduced from Town Hall 6, until all the way to Town Hall 12. Therefore, a perfect time is waiting for players to build a strong defense.

New Super Troop: Super Dragon

Dragons are a part of Clash of Clans from the beginning. This update will take things a bit further, as a new super troop is coming named “Super Dragon”. As the game said, Super Dragon is the supreme Roast Master.

New Siege Machine: Flame Flinger

Although this ranged rover will bear the advantage of delivering damage from afar, it cannot take as much damage as other Siege Machines.

New Levels

The game has added a couple of new levels to a few buildings in this update and released more Walls to be upgraded. Players can now upgrade the Siege Workshop to level 6. Gold Mine and Elixir Collector can be upgraded to level 15 where Dark Elixir Drill will go as long as 9. Besides, all remaining Wall segments at Town Hall 14 can now be upgraded to level 15, for a total of 325 level 15 Wall segments.

These are just a glimpse of what’s coming. If anyone wants to know the exact numbers of these cost reductions, take a look at them in Part 1 and Part 2 of the update. Players must wait a bit longer till the December 2021 update hits the game, and upgrade everything you ever wanted.

What are your thoughts on the Clash of Clans December 2021 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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