Clash of Clans Game Designer shares the risky approach taken to revamp Builder Base 2.0

The revamp story!

Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 Update was one of the most awaited updates, and after its arrival, it changed the view of the Builder Base in total. The newly introduced troops and the defenses are a hit for sure as the responses have been positive. Although we, the players wouldn’t know many details behind the scenes, the Game Designer of Clash of Clans Alex Roque shared his experience with GameDeveloper about the risky approach taken by the team to redesign Builder Base 2.0.

Builder Base not receiving updates over the years was the reason behind the revamp

Previously working in Wildlife Studios for three years, Alex got roped in as a designer for Clash of Clans recently. Even though the initial focus of the team wasn’t builder base, the lack of updates delivered to that part of the game made the developers think about the state of the game mode. So around six months after his arrival, the planning took shape, he explains.

Image via GameDeveloper/Supercell

He adds a few words about the initial approach. “It was just a lot of meetings and discussions where the whole team was present. Everybody could pitch in. Then, the designers stepped out, discussed the meeting, went back to them with ideas, discussed more, and so on. It was really cool how over time these big ideas took form. At some point there was even a pitching round and some of the ideas of those pitches actually went into the game. After we had kind of the direction, then it was discussing details and executing basically.”

There were concerns about how the community would react

Roque feels that the Builder Base 2.0 redesign was a risky approach for the sole reason that there were players who loved the “instant battles” the mode featured, and the removal of those was somewhat of a tough task. However, the revamp was coming, as it was necessary to deliver a strong update. Roque considers these scenarios to be a fun challenge.

Builder Base 2.0 attacking
Image via Supercell

With this update, there were some unique approaches for the team, some of which Supercell have never tested previously. However, Supercell did communicate pretty well with the monthly blog posts, and thanks to it, the update has been received well among the player base.

Clash On episode shares the behind-the-scenes work from the development team

In the latest episode of Clash On, the designers and the development team put together the work during the update phase of the game. They discuss some past details, regarding the builder base beginnings, and also their intentions behind having the players enjoy the builder base update more.

It is truly fascinating to see the work put into the game, and once the ideas get going, it will be really nice to see more improvements in the game. Bringing alive the builder Base is nothing but the result of honest work and ideas surrounding it.

Do you feel that the developers took the right yet risky approach for Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0? Let us know in the comment section below!

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