Clash Royale October 2022 update brings new Cards, Ranked mode, Deck explorer, and more

The Biggest Update of the Year!

Ever since, the massive Clan Wars update, Clash Royale introduces its biggest-ever update till-date this October 2022. Supercell announces massive changes in the current gameplay including a brand new ranked mode, a deck explorer, and new king levels.

With the Clan Wars never being as successful as Clash of Clans, the latest update certainly sounds promising and should solve most of the problems faced by gamers. Through their official Twitter handle, Clash Royale has already announced that this would be the game’s biggest update of 2022!

Clash Royale October 2022 update brings two new Cards: Monk and Phoenix


Clash Royale brings the meditative Monk from Clash Mini with a Champion ability so powerful that he can even deflect Rockets! The Monk when attacking unleashes a powerful 3-hit combo that pushes back enemies with the final strike.

Image via Supercell

This final super-punch includes a pushback that deals extra damage to every affected unit (like the Log). He can be unlocked for 6500 Trophies in the Trophy Road in the Silent Sanctuary. While powerful on offense, Monk shines on defense.

The Monk has a special ability to channel his meditative powers through Pensive Protection. He can create a protective aura around himself and nearby allies, reducing Damage taken and reflecting any projectile that comes his way back to the opponents.


Introduced recently as pet in Clash of Clans, the fiery Phoenix has the unique skill of turning into an egg and being reborn from the ashes of that egg! It is a new Legendary flying unit that hits both air and ground units with Melee Attacks. And yes, as its name suggests, the Phoenix comes with a special ability of rebirth!

Image via Supercell

Once defeated, it will explode and deal Area Damage to nearby units and buildings, retreating into a Phoenix Egg. And henceforth if this Egg is not destroyed within the given time, the majestic bird will be reborn with full Health and Hitpoints. Players should take note, the process of rebirth from an egg is applicable only once per deployment.

Introducing the all-new Path of Legends

The Path of Legends is a refreshing change to the old League system in Clash Royale. It changes the Trophy Road and now consists of ten leagues, with the Hall of Fame consisting of the world’s best players. Players can climb the Path of Legends in a new ranked season earning special one-time rewards. They can also earn more rewards that refresh with each new ranked season.

Ranked Mode Clash Royale
Image via Supercell

On reaching Arena 15 at 5000 Trophies, players will unlock the new Path of Legends by tapping the icon next to the Battle button on the main screen. Remember, each League is level capped, which means that your Cards or Tower Power can not go above a certain level based on the player’s specific League.

Climbing the Ladder

Players will climb the Path of Legends to work their way through the new leagues and unlock exclusive rewards. The Path of Legends has Stone steps and Golden steps. Stone steps break on losing games, Golden steps don’t. Therefore aim for the Golden steps! Additionally, on reaching a new League, one cannot go back down to the previous Leagues through losing.

Changes in the Ranked Season Reset

Unlike previously, with the new Path of Legends, Clash Royale also introduces a brand new Season reset system with its October 2022 update. From now on, at the end of each Ranked Season, all players will restart their journey through the Path of Legends.

LeagueGolden StepLevel capWin Multiplier
Challenger IAlways111
Challenger II1 in 3112
Challenger III1 in 4112
Master I1 in 5123
Master II1 in 6124
Master III1 in 7134
Grand ChampionNone145
Royal ChampionNone146
Ultimate ChampionNone146

Of course, the players will receive an all-valuable Win Multiplier based on their finish from the previous season. The Win Multiplier will aid you to move back swiftly to a position just before the reset. But do remember, the Win Multiplier decreases after each Battle you win.

There are additional Rewards as well for your performances in the Path of Legends. Players will earn rewards as they progress along the Path of Legends. There will be one-time rewards (displayed on the left of the Path), as well as others (on the right of the Path), that will refresh after each season reset.

Revamping the entire Trophy Road

With the Path of Legends debut, Trophy Road is getting an official extension. You can now battle your way through 20 Arenas, all the way up to 7500 Trophies, earning rewards all the way. Trophy Road will no longer reset every season, yes you have heard that right!

Trophy-Road-Reworks Clash Royale
Image via Supercell

The Trophy Road won’t reset at the start of every new season and therefore you can now keep pushing until you’ve earned all the rewards. Earn Trophies, attend new Arenas, and gather one-time rewards along the way. Of course, due to this change, you will no longer win (or lose) any additional Trophies once you reach the end of Trophy Road.

Additionally, all the Arenas in the Trophy Road will now have Level Gates! Therefore you won’t be able to unlock the rewards and the trophy road for an arena until you hit a certain level. At the same time, once you’ve reached a new Arena, you won’t go back to the previous one.

ArenaChampionsKing Levels
16Golden Knight, Skeleton King33
17Archer Queen, Mighty Miner36

Also, with this new October 2022 update now players will be able to unlock and play with the Champions right from Arena 16, 17, and 18 in Clash Royale! Champions are now available for players on the Trophy Road starting at 5500 Trophies (Arena 16, King Level 33).

King Level Rework and Changes

The Clash Royale King Level is getting a massive and much-needed change with the October 2022 update! With the new update, the King Level will now be separated from the Crown Tower level and will go up to level 50. The maximum Crown Tower level, now called Tower Power, will still be 14 and applies to both King and Princess Towers.

Image via Supercell

For the King Levels, there will be no more 1 to 14 now and rather it will range from 1 to level 50! Check the table below to understand the upcoming changes in the King Level.

Old King LevelNew King Level

This further implies the players will now have to wait less time between levels and each time on leveling up, there is a level-up Chest up for grabs. Plus this will also lead to fair matchmaking in the future!

Introducing the brand new and friendly, Deck Explorer

Supercell has designed a new tool where players can create the best decks for themselves and use the cards they choose, based on current game trends. The Deck Explorer is a new in-game that will help the players in finding new decks! The Deck Explorer button is located below the Battle Deck, next to the Mastery button.

Image via Supercell

The Deck Explorer will provide results based on what is popular and proven to work in the player’s current arena, but it will consider the player’s Card levels and stats. The tool will suggest players multiple decks to choose from, and players can continue to improvise on those suggested decks based on their liking!

Daily Tasks

Daily Tasks are here and they’re not quests! Players can now complete simple Daily Tasks to unlock a Daily Bonus.

Daily Tasks Clash Royale
Image via Supercell

They will be available on the home screen and rewards in-game resources for completing certain objectives every day. There are a total of three tasks to complete each day and each task can be completed simultaneously.

Daily Task 13 Crowns
Daily Task 220 Banner Tokens
Daily Task 310 XP
Daily Completion Bonus20 XP, Silver Chest
Weekly Completion Bonus50 XP, 5 Crowns, 30 Banner Tokens, 1 Gold Chest

Only on the completion of all the Daily Tasks, the Daily Bonus will be rewarded. Unclaimed rewards will remain when a new day begins, and new Daily Tasks will be accessible once the previous rewards have been claimed. Unlock all Daily Bonuses in a week to unlock the Weekly Bonus for juicy rewards.

Hoggy Bank

The Hoggy Bank is a new premium function that is being introduced to Clash Royale with the October 2022 update. This Hoggy bank will occasionally appear on the main screen and will keep either Gems or Gold.

Hoggy Bank Clash Royale October Update 2022
Image via Supercell

When the players receive Gold while the Golden Hoggy Bank is active, they will obtain additional Gold (the exact amount varies) to store in the Hoggy Bank. During the Hoggy Bank’s active period, players will be able to break and unlock it (for a fee) and collect the rewards inside!

Other Miscellaneous changes and Bug fixes

  • Card Mastery tier 3 is being added
  • Champion Wild Card and Champion Chest are being added
  • No more Drag Glitch (Fixed an issue where placing two cards in quick succession would fail to play one of the cards)
  • Removed Gold Discount briefly image appearing after applying for a Wild Card
  • Fixed an issue where unlocking Mini P.E.K.K.A caused all card previews to be stuck with a loading spinner
  • Fixed an issue where Royal Recruits could be placed on the opposing player’s side
  • Fixed an android-specific issue where a Gem animation would not appear after a Shop purchase
  • Fixed an android specific issue where the keyboard would load twice
  • Fixed an android specific issue where emojis were displaying incorrectly
  • Added missing particles FX to Goblin Drill’s Star Level 1
  • Fixed an issue where Golden Knight dashed to an empty space with no target
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on the Battle Banner edit screen
  • Fixed an issue where the new event text for Crown/Gold Rush could block the ability to access the Supercell ID quick-switch button
  • Fixed an issue where mystery numbers would appear on the opponent’s Decks during the Ban phase in Ban Pick Duels.
  • Fixed an issue where the Banner Token Collect button incorrectly directed players to the Shop when their Banner Token inventory was full
  • Fixed an issue where Sparky was not reset when hit by Electro Spirit at the same time she was being hooked by Fisherman
  • Fixed an issue where trying to place a Champion into an invalid slot in your Deck canceled the placement, forcing a player to re-select the Champion

When will Clash Royale October 2022 update release

As per the official announcement, the Clash Royale October 2022 update is expected to arrive on October 26, 2022.

Are you excited with the Clash Royale October 2022 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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