Clash Royale Q1 2021 balance changes update to bring 3 Musketeers back to the meta

The next patch for Clash Royale has brought some reworks. This new Clash Royale Q1 2021 balance changes update will possibly bring many old strategies back to the meta. Cards like Witch and 3 Musketeers needed buff to get back into the decks of the players. There was a time when 3 Musketeers used to be very frequent in all the trophy ranges. However, later after back to nerfs, the card went out of the scene. While this small buff is certainly a nice change in the game, only time will tell how the overall balance changes will change the Clash Royale meta. Below you will find detailed explanations about what has changed.

Clash Royale Q1 2021 balance changes – Cards that received buff

Mother Witch

  • Damage: +14%
  • Hit Speed: +8%
  • First Hit: Faster (0.1sec)

Mother witch is having a nice increase in its dps by improving damage and reducing the time necessary to land a hit. That may make her shine without needing to be facing big groups of units.


  • Range: Increased (5 > 5.5)

Some more range always improve the positioning capacities of a unit, as well as making them better for the backline.

Three Musketeers

  • Deploy Time: Faster (2sec > 1sec)

Units deploying in half the time they used to is a big deal. For Three musketeers, Supercell is hoping that this choice will be able to please the players who like the strategy without straight out breaking the game.

Elite Barbarians

  • Hit Speed: Faster (1.5sec > 1.4sec)
  • First Hit: Faster (0.5sec -> 0.4sec)

Since the Barbarians were getting kinda forgotten on peoples decks, they have been slightly buffed to make them a more appealing option again.

Cards that received a rework

Heal Spirit

  • Damage +225% (reverting previous Damage nerfs)
  • Heal Radius: Reduced (-28%)

After three seasons of nerfs, the rework on Heal Spirit may make it shine again. Now with more damage but with less heal area, it will be able to deal with enemies and kill skeletons again, but you will have to be more aware of your troop positioning if you want them to endure.


  • Elixir Cost: 3 > 2
  • Hitpoints: -31%
  • Damage: -32%

To counter the current meta, Supercell has lowered the cost of Bombers to make them able to respond to the main decks.

Giant Skeleton

  • Damage: +28%
  • Death Damage: -54%

A choice that was too good for dealing damage and enduring is now getting more focused towards just dealing damage. The Giant Skeleton gained a HUGE boost on damage, but is losing several points on its Death Damage

Nerfed Cards

Bomb Tower

  • Death Damage: -50%

Less damage for less dominance.


  • Death Damage: -27%

Following the wave of nerfs, Balloon will be losing 27% of its damage


  • First Hit: Slower (0.7sec > 1.1sec)

Since this card is expected to grow in usage, Supercell is increasing the necessary time for the first attack to be done. That way, players will have to plan a little longer before deploying their units, otherwise, it will just send it to instant death.


  • First Hit: Slower (0.9sec > 1.1sec)

Same principles, don’t just throw your units.


  • Hitpoints: -5%

A little less hp since the card isn’t exactly overperforming, but Supercell has the objective to make players choose other options for its vanguards.

Cannon Cart

  • Speed: Reduced (Fast > Medium)

Since the card gave a lot of pressure before, mainly when paired with other strong advancers, it will be tuned down so enemies have more time to plan their defenses. It is worth noting that the Q1 2021 balance changes will arrive with the Magic items in Clash Royale. And it will be interesting to see how this whole thing changes the game!

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