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COD Mobile Season 1 2023 Reawakening update: New map, modes, and more

The first season of 2023 for Call of Duty: Mobile, Season 1: Reawakening, will let players ring in the New Year in style. New multiplayer and battle royale modes, as well as brand-new methods to win and incentives to collect, are added to COD Mobile during the first season of the year.

Players will be able to return to a Nuketown map with a Year of the Rabbit theme, take part in new and updated MP games like Big Head Blizzard and Super Attack of the Undead, and take advantage of more loot thanks to Lunar New Year updates with the start of the new season on January 19 at 5:30pm IST.

COD Mobile Season 1 2023 Reawkening update: Key Highlights

COD Mobile Season 1 2023: Battle Pass

The Reawakening Battle Pass includes free and premium items, including new Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, and more.

Battle Pass Free Tiers

With the Dingo – Conquest, conquer the new year in style. They were all initially introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops III and are all Battle Pass Tier 21 unlockable. At Tier 14, receive the Stim Shot. Numerous camos, Weapon Blueprints, and the AS VAL – Mighty Steeds at Tier 50 are some other highlights of the free tier.

COD Mobile Season 1 2023
Image via Activision

Premium Pass Tiers

The Reawakening stream’s content, including new Operator Skins like Cassius – Fate’s Champion, Rampage – Venomous, Baker – Breaker, and a unique reskin for Bathysphere – Hog Heaven, can be obtained by purchasing the Battle Pass. The Type 25 – Rooster Dawn, the LK24 – Amethyst Serpent, the MX9 – Golden Stripes, the HS2126 – Pig Dynasty, as well as a Blueprint for the brand-new Season 1 weapon, the Dingo – Monkey King’s Legacy, are examples of Premium Tier Weapon Blueprints.

Battle Pass Subscription

Join the Ground Forces by purchasing a Battle Pass Subscription. In addition to gaining access to the full Battle Pass, you’ll also earn extra rewards each season along with a 10% boost to Player and Weapon XP, plus limited discounts on 10x crate pulls. Season 1’s Ground Forces will acquire the Naga – Rare Breed Operator Skin, the QQ9 – Jungle Beast Weapon Blueprint, and the Backpack 17 – Jungle Beast.

COD Mobile Season 1 2023: Multiplayer updates

New Multiplayer Modes and Map

Big Head Blizzard: Not every conflict needs to be deadly serious. As you harm adversaries in this party mode, you gain energy. You eventually change into a character with only a melee weapon and greater health points as your Operator’s head gets bigger the more energy you gather. Go after them.

Super Attack of the Undead: Along with the new mode, Season 1 also introduces an upgraded version of Super Attack of the Undead that follows the season’s theme of the Lunar New Year and features new skills for the infected and survivors as well as support for more maps.

COD Mobile Season 1 2023
Image via Activision

Nuketown – Year of the Rabbit Temple: Alongside the new and updated modes, deploy to the Lunar New Year–themed Nuketown – Year of the Rabbit Multiplayer map, set within the bounds of a metropolitan city and featuring aesthetics representing the Year of the Rabbit.

Multiplayer Optimizations in COD Mobile Season 1 2023

Ranked Match Update

  • Rank Match Pool Update
    • Frontline
    • Hijacked: added to the permanent pool
    • New map: Crossroads Strike
  • Team Deathmatch
    • Removed map: Miami Strike
    • Newly added map: Crossroads Strike
  • Search and Destroy
    • No map will be removed or added.
  • Domination
    • Removed map: Miami Strike, Meltdown
    • Newly added map: Apocalypse, Crossroads Strike
  • Hardpoint
    • Removed map: Miami Strike
    • Newly added map: Crossroads Strike, Terminal
  • Daily First Win bonus adjusted:
    • Increased Rank XP earned from Daily First Win in all ranks.
  • New Tactical: Stim Shot
    • Increases health regen and movement speed for a short duration.
  • Map Optimization: Practice Range
    • Optimized light rendering and reflection effect in Practice Range.
  • Crossroads
    • Added Ziplines in Crossroads to optimize the experience of traveling between different points.
  • Mode Optimization
    • Rules of personal score in Domination optimized
    • Personal score obtained when reaching 1/3 of the occupation process.
    • Description of assist will be more precise.
  • Ground War
    • Optimized the performance consumption of Ground War’s vehicles.
  • Others
    • Teammate’s Marker added to the mini-map
    • Teammates will be marked with numbers on the minimap, a more convenient way for soldiers’ tactic communication.

COD Mobile Season 1 2023: Battle Royale updates

Discover two brand-new locations on Isolated that offer exciting new battle opportunities and rewards. To get in-game items like extra ammunition, enter the Ecology Lab and interact with the computers there. While rummaging through the T-3 Refinery, climb into one of the two treatment cylinders that generate an updraft to carry players up and out of the structure, providing the ideal escape or a chance for a surprise attack.

COD Mobile Season 1 2023
Image via Activision

To gain rewards like new Weapon Blueprints, Battle Pass XP, and other things, complete a selection of new Seasonal Challenges and Featured events. A challenge that, when accomplished, offers a new signature magazine attachment for the DL Q33 is one of the extra possibilities you can find in-game during the season. Bullets that miss their target by a little margin will still do impact damage.

Multiplayer Optimizations in COD Mobile Season 1 2023

Feedback Texts of Defeating/Knocking Down Enemy

  • Optimized the feedback texts of defeating/knocking down enemies
  • It’s a tradition of Battle Royale games that texts of defeating/knocking down broadcast above the reticle. However, we found that sometimes the broadcasting is too redundant and frequent, and hard to distinguish the source of the messages. Thus optimizations are made to solve the issues:
    • Defeating/knocking down by the player, will not be broadcasted above the reticle in the player’s own view. Instead, they will be displayed on the right side of the reticle(similar to the positive feedback text in MP).
    • Defeating/knocking down brought by teammates will be added with a blue underlay. Defeated/knocked-down teammates will be added with a red underlay.
    • Optimized broadcasting texts will be more simple.
    • Squad elimination will be broadcasted.
  • Death Recap
    • Death Recap in Battle Royale was added. Players eliminated can tap to view details in Death Recap. This page will show the damage from both sides between the player and the killer in chronological order. The data might not be accurate.
  • Other Optimization/Update
  • More rational refreshing logic of supplies:
  • Optimized the logic of supply refresh to reduce the phenomenon of supplies with extremely uneven distribution.
  • UI Resolution improvement:
    • Improved resolutions of some key buttons in Battle Royale in default states (no need to download HD resource pack).
  • Adjustment on Private room parameters:
  • Adjusted parameter of the option ‘SLOW’ of ‘Safe Zone Shrink Frequency’, now it is slower than before.
  • Weapon Rotation
  • Weapon Rotation of Battle Royale in this season:
    • Assault Rifle:
      • M16, AK-47, M4, ICR-1, Peacekeeper MK2, AS VAL, M13, Kilo 141, Oden, Krig 6
    • Sniper Rifle:
      • XPR-50, DL Q33, SVD, ZRG 20mm
    • LMG:
      • RPD, Hades, Ding
    • SMG:
      • RUS-79U, GKS, QQ9, Fennec, MX9, P90, PPsh-41, MAC-10, Switchblade X9
    • Shotgun:
      • BY15, HS0405, KRM-262, JAK-12
    • Marksman:
      • Kilo Bolt-Action, SP-R 208

All about the Elite Mission in COD Mobile Season 1 2023

In the last season of Elite Mission, soldiers can redeem Elite Mission Rewards with a certain number of Confidential Tokens and Legendary Medals. More information about this final reward will be released in upcoming seasons

Confidential Token

According to the theme of the year, confidential documents of the manufacturer will be included in each season for soldiers to unlock. Confidential Tokens can be acquired by completing tasks from documents. This year, soldiers will acquire the confidential token “Petals of Black Lily” by unlocking Kurohana’s documents.

Legendary Medal

At the end of each season, soldiers ranking up to Legendary will be rewarded with a Legendary Medal of the year (MP/BR will be counted separately). An extra medal will be given to players who enter the top 5000 in Legendary at the end of the season. This year, soldiers will acquire Kurohana’s Medal with Black Lily design as the Legendary Medal of 2023.

In addition, there will be exclusive Confidential Tokens and Legendary Medals in the Elite Mission of each year. Soldiers can redeem the Elite Mission rewards after the end of the Elite Mission but no longer obtain both Confidential Tokens or Legendary Medals of the ended mission.

Store Update: New Mythic Draw, Winter War Enters the Battle Pass Vault, and more

Mythic DL Q33: Try your luck for the new Mythic DL Q33 – Lotus Flames, a fiery Weapon Blueprint that’s paired with the equally intimidating Naga – Destined Destroyer Operator Skin and with other flame-tinged items.

Look for other Season 1 Draw featuring Zodiac-themed Operator Skins like Sparrowhawk – The Hare, Shadowfall, and Tiangu, alongside Legendary Weapon Blueprints like the Dingo – Scarlet Oracle, MAC-10 – Dragon’s Might, and the AS VAL – Beijing Operatic.

Battle Pass Vault: Season 1 adds the Winter War stream to the Battle Pass Vault, providing the chance to earn content you may have missed, such as Epic Operator Skins like Golem – Siberia, Ghost – Dark Vision, Adler – Mountain Drab, and Park – Safehouse, as well as Epic Weapon Blueprints like the BY15 – Top Dog, GKS – Pack Warrior, Man-O-War – Pack Leader, and the RUS-79U – Troika.

Greater Loot Opportunities in the Lunar New Year

  • Red Envelopes: In celebration of the Year of the Rabbit, find the Atlas NPC located in the new Battle Royale points of interest and complete time-limited missions in exchange for Red Envelopes that contain the new seasonal currency.
  • R.A.B.T. Robot: Keep your eyes peeled for this small rabbit-like robot found randomly around Isolated. Attack it quickly to earn loot – the more damage you inflict, the greater your reward.
  • Loot Balloons: Watch the skies for large, Lunar New Year–themed balloons positioned across various points of interest in Isolated. Shoot them down and grab the dropped loot before the enemy does.

Earn Exclusive Content With New Seasonal Currency

Supported through Season 1 and into part of Season 2, the new Limited Time Tickets act as a temporary seasonal currency that can be earned in-game and can then be spent in a new marketplace.

COD Mobile Season 1 2023: Improvements and Optimizations

Performance Optimization

  • Moving performance optimization: Weapons now sway with the player’s pace.
  • Weapon performance optimization: AK117, Arctic .50, BY15, P90, MAC-10, Oden, RUS-79U, CR-56 AMAX, FHJ-18, Hades
  • Weapon SFX Optimization: Rytec AMR, P90, MAC-10, KN-44, RPD
  • Quick Message Wheel
    • Added an option of ‘Quick Message Wheel’. When enabled, you can tap to view the message wheel and slide to select quick messages to send.
    • It is OFF by default and needs to be enabled in the settings.
    • It is currently only available in Multiplayer.
    • Quick Message Wheel will be optimized and available in Battle Royale soon.
  • Raised Upper-Level Limit
  • Players are now able to level up to 200.
  • With the increased level limit, we’ve made a series of icons to be displayed in your profile.
  • Meanwhile, the rarity of the milestone rewards in leveling is increased. Dynamic camos will be available, and more exclusive rewards in the future!
  • Tournament Optimization
    • Players with unfinished weekly milestones will receive a Ranked Shield Card in Alcatraz – Tournament.
  • Member limitation of team-up in some modes of free for all style was decreased.
  • Spectating Optimization
    • Added displaying of Scorestreaks obtained from airdrop in OB.
    • Optimized the logic of switching FPP/TPP in OB.
    • Optimized the displaying of the Perk “Persistence” in OB.
  • Other Updates
    • Added an option of ‘Sync ADS FOV to Scope Zoom’:
      • When enabled, the FOV value of ADS will be related to scope magnifications and it will no longer be a constant value.
    • Added an option of ‘Network Instability DMG Loss Alert’
      • When enabled, there will be a sign displayed to remind players of errors in dealing damage due to abnormal connections.
    • Added an option of ‘Transparentize Player Near Obstruction in TPP’:
    • Disable in default settings in SETTINGS – BASIC – BR MODE
    • Mythic Shroud can be switched in custom weapon appearance.
    • Added an option of ‘Weapon Inspect when Sprinting/Jumping.’
    • Adjusted limitation of friend list to 220.

When will COD Mobile Season 1 2023 start

The new season will commence on January 19th, 2023 and the battle pass season will begin on January 20th, 2023. We hope you enjoy Season 1 2023 of Call of Duty Mobile!

We hope you find this COD Mobile Season 1 2023 about the Reawakening update article helpful. Then, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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