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COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks: All that we know about 1st Anniversary update

Something huge is coming!

Call of Duty Mobile features some exciting game modes and several options to experience the popular first-person shooter franchise on the mobile platform. But, it looks like something huge is in the pipeline as the Season 11 approaches. Season 10 of COD Mobile is almost over, and now according to recent leaks, there are huge things waiting for the players in season 11. The widely popular first-person shooter franchise celebrates its 1st Anniversary with the Season 11 update. Here in this article on COD Mobile Season 11 leaks, we have summed up all you can expect in the upcoming 1st Anniversary update of COD Mobile.

Activision released a very short trailer of their 1st-anniversary celebrations with some hints which are going to be implemented throughout the next season. But when we looked closely at the trailer, there were a lot of things to reveal about the next season.

COD Mobile Season 11 New Maps

The first thing we will talk about are the new maps we can expect in COD Mobile Season 11.

1. Alcatraz

The first thing that we can spot in the trailer is the parachute floating on the water surfaces with a forest backdrop behind the logo. Also, you can get a glimpse of a map being shown in the last few seconds of the trailer.

COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks, COD Mobile 1st Anniversary

This hint says it is a map basically filled with water for Battle Royale. This is none other than the Alcatraz map. Alcatraz is a map surrounded by water completely.

COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks, COD Mobile 1st Anniversary

Alcatraz was the second and final Blackout map. It is set around the prison on Alcatraz Island that has been previously seen on the Zombies maps Mob of the Dead, and its sequel Blood of the Dead.

2. Rebirth

As per various leaks, apart from the Alcatraz map in Battle Royale, there are some Multiplayer maps lined up as well. Rebirth is one of them.

COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks, COD Mobile 1st Anniversary

Rebirth Island is an island that is featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is the location of the mission “Rebirth” in the Call of Duty: Black Ops.

COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks, COD Mobile 1st Anniversary

Here we have also shown a layout of this map to give you an idea about this map.

3. Dome

Another multiplayer map on the list is Dome. The Dome is a Multiplayer map which was there in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It also appeared as a multiplayer map in Call of Duty Online. Dome is a small map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 that has many close-quarters combat situations. The two main spawn points are near the dome, and near the entrance gate on the other side of the map. The dome covers only a little portion of the map. It serves no significant purpose besides possible defensive set-ups and a spot for players to snipe from.

COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks, COD Mobile 1st Anniversary

There is a track around the second story of the dome that overlooks most of the map. Nearby the dome is a bunker with two entrances, and there is a bombed-out portion in the middle of the bunker. Further across the bunker is a building that has a main room and a back hallway. There are multiple vehicles on the map which one can use for limited cover.

COD Mobile Season 11 New Weapons

Up next in the COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks are the weapons. The Weaponry section keeps on getting new guns. Going by some recent reports, four new guns are lined up for getting added to your weaponry.

1. 48-Dredge LMG

COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks, COD Mobile 1st Anniversary

The 48 Dredge is a light machine gun in Call Of Duty: Black Ops III. This weapon has a 6-round burst fire mode that auto-cycles. That means the bursts will fire consecutively without releasing the trigger. It has a very fast rate of fire and slight vertical recoil.

2. Skorpion EVO

COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks, COD Mobile 1st Anniversary

Skorpion EVO is a very popular sub-machine gun, thanks to its high damage output. Despite having a high recoil, the lift and pattern of recoil is very predictable and allows a fully automatic fire to be used in close to medium range engagements firing from the hip. It does have a small ammo capacity though, so putting the scavenger perk with this gun will help considerably. It is very popular in multiplayer despite the high recoil and small ammo capacity

3. MP7 SMG

COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks, COD Mobile 1st Anniversary

The MP7 features the second-highest magazine capacity of all submachine guns at 40 rounds. Also, it has a moderately high rate of fire as well as moderate power and very low recoil, in part due to its integrated foregrip. It also has slightly higher damage at range compared to most submachine guns, killing in five shots rather than six. All these features together allow the MP7 to be a reliable close combat weapon

4. SVU-AS Rifle

COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks, COD Mobile 1st Anniversary

The SVU-AS is a low damage per bullet sniper rifle. This gun will deal 70 damage per shot across all distances, making for a two-shot kill. The SVU-AS easily has the worst one-shot kill potential of all sniper rifles, and as such, many players treat it as a guaranteed two-shot kill weapon. The SVU-AS has high penetration power, being able to shoot through most obstacles with ease. 

Other features expected for COD Mobile Season 11

1. Night Themed Maps

This was the most asked feature from the players for a long time. In fact, in the month of May, we reported about this feature being discussed to arrive in the game. Finally, it seems there is a big chance of Night themed maps making its way into Call of Duty mobile. If you watch the trailer carefully, you will notice that the whole backdrop is that of a night time. This adds to the fact that in Season 11, there will be Night themed maps playable in the game.

COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks, COD Mobile 1st Anniversary

Moreover there has been several leaks surfacing with images of night mode maps, which fuels the fact more and more. Furthermore, it was during a Reddit discussion, when an official from Activision agreed to the fact that there are plans for night themed maps coming to the game in Season 11.

COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks, COD Mobile 1st Anniversary
Activision confirming the night maps in Season 11

2. Gunsmith 2.0

The Gunsmith is a feature that was there in Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. With its entry into the mobile version of the game, it simply changed the dynamics of COD Mobile. It allows the player to customize, view, and build out their weapons incredibly precise, as well as select multiple attachments and optics. And now, this feature is set for an upgrade it seems. Gunsmith 2.0 feature is expected to include much anticipated Thermal and Hybrid Scopes.

COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks, COD Mobile 1st Anniversary

Players who equip this attachment are able to switch between a Thermal Scope that highlights enemy heat signatures and an integrated Red Dot Sight. Moreover, it can be mounted on assault rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns, and marksman rifles.

3. Character Customization

Recently, a glitch in the Battle Royale mode of COD Mobile showed up a feature where you could select your character equipments inside the game.

COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks, COD Mobile 1st Anniversary

This is expected to be a character customisation feature headed for arrival in COD Mobile Season 11.

4. Riot Shield

The Riot shield will deflect all enemy bullets, but the impacts will leave large cracks across the front of the shield until the game reloads the image (it could overload the game eventually if it does not do this). The shield also greatly reduces explosive damage if pointed in the right direction, enabling the player to survive grenades. In addition, it renders the user immune to the effect of Stun Grenades, similar to Blast Shield, but not against Flashbangs. Players currently holding the Riot Shield cannot go prone, knife, or place a breaching charge.

5. Tracer Bullets

COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks, COD Mobile 1st Anniversary

This is another feature that has been hinted in the short trailer from Activision. Tracer rounds or Tracer Bullets are available in the Call of Duty franchise from a long time ago. Moreover, adding Tracer Bullets in the game fuels this fact that night themed maps are indeed arriving in the COD Mobile season 11. Here is how it looks to play the trace rounds in the game.

Is Zombie mode returning in COD Mobile Season 11?

In the short trailer released by Activision, there is a very small instance where you can see two glowing eyes peeking out of a hidden area. This is being expected as the Zombie mode making a comeback into the game after it was removed in the month of March.

COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks, COD Mobile 1st Anniversary

But unfortunately, this is not the case. If you know about Alcatraz, then you might know that this map has actual zombies by default. So there is no chance whatsoever of Zombie mode making a comeback to the game as of now. Also, Activision has made it clear that a separate Zombies mode is not in their plan.

Is Simon Riley Ghost coming back in COD Mobile Season 11?

Simon Riley Ghost was the first iconic character in the COD Mobile universe. And going by a certain note in the reddit discussions, it is very likely that the OG character is heading for a comeback in the next season.

COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks, COD Mobile 1st Anniversary
The Reddit discussion

Whether it will be a battle pass character or a lucky draw one, that is yet to be seen.

COD Mobile Season 11 Leaks, COD Mobile 1st Anniversary
Ghost in COD Mobile Season 1

Lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley was a British special forces operator, and a prominent member of Task Force 141, known for his iconic skull-patterned balaclava, headset, and dark red sunglasses. He previously featured in the first season of Call of Duty Mobile where he was the Battle Pass character.

When will the COD Mobile Season 11 release?

The official date of release hasn’t been declared by Activision. Season 10 is expected to end on 15th October and that is the date when we can expect Season 11 to commence.

What do you think about all these COD Mobile Season 11 leaks? Do you have any questions? Feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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