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COD Mobile World Championship 2020 Stage 4: Here’s what we know

Get ready for the next level!

The COD Mobile World Championship 2020 is back with Stage 4 of the competition. Stage 3 of the championship ended in the month of July. All the players who have qualified and are waiting to know more about the COD Mobile World Championship Stage 4, we are going to share with you the details of stage 4 of the competition in Call of Duty Mobile.

Millions of players competed during the three stages with the goal of qualifying for Stage 4 – Regional Playoffs. These players grinded their way through Solo player qualifications, placing in the top teams in their region and finally going head to head. Then the top 8 teams in each region are invited to participate in the Regional Playoffs commencing in a few days.

All about the Regional Playoffs

The Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020 Regional Playoffs is a series of live events fans can watch online. Fans around the world can watch the top teams in select regions compete. The best players in the world will go head to head in a double-elimination bracket tournament.

Double Elimination Structure in COD Mobile World Championship 2020 Stage 4

The Regional Playoffs will be broken into two sets of brackets – the Winner’s bracket and the Elimination bracket. Each team will begin in the winner’s bracket. But once they lose, they will enter the elimination bracket. Although they still will have an opportunity to make it to the finals. If a team loses in the elimination bracket, they are eliminated from the Regional Playoffs. If the team with one loss wins in the finals, both teams will each have one loss and another game will be played to determine the champion.

When does the COD Mobile World Championship 2020 Stage 4 start?

The COD Mobile World Championship 2020 Stage 4 will start on September 26 and will end on October 25.

You can watch the action-packed events on the COD Mobile YouTube and Twitch pages. Please click on the links below to visit the official pages for that particular Regional Qualifier.

Japan: Sep 26 – 27

The first regional qualifier will take place in Japan. You can watch the qualifiers on this channel.

Latin America: Sep 26 – 27

Along with Japan, Latin American regional qualifiers will also take place on the same days. You can watch the qualifiers on the Spanish channel and also the Portuguese channel.

Western Europe: Oct 17 – 18

The next regional qualifier will be held in Western Europe. You can watch the qualifiers on this channel.

North America: Oct 24 – 25

The last regional qualifier taking place will be of the North America region. You can watch the qualifiers on this channel.

Rest of the World: Sep 26 – 27

Along with Japan and Latin America, the regional qualifiers for the rest of the world will also take place during the same period. But unfortunately, the regional qualifier for this region would not be broadcasted.

The Rewards Section

Every competition has its own kind of rewards and COD Mobile World Championship 2020 is no different. So here are the rewards which the teams will get for in stage 4.

1st Place$15,000
2nd Place$10,000
3rd Place$8,000
4th Place$5,000
5th Place – 6th Place$3,500
7th Place – 8th Place$2,500

Practice makes it perfect

This is all the information that is available at this moment. Keep checking back here as the tournament progresses to know more details.     

And yes! Keep practicing hard and try out the best method-of-play suitable for you. Be it the Claw method, two-finger or thumbs only, etc. Keep in mind that being a multiplayer based tournament, there will be plenty of fast-paced action. So gear up for the next stage! 

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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