Cookies Must Die by Rebel Twins is now available globally

Cookies Must Die by Rebel Twins is now available globally. Rebel Twins is an Indie Game studio who have published games such as Daddy Was A Thief, Dragon Hills 2 etc, and now they’re bringing another platformer onto their shelf.

What is Cookies Must Die by Rebel Twins about?

Cookies Must Die is a fast-paced, platformer jump and run, as well as an action-driven shooter game. Play as Jack and manoeuvre through the world and defeat the mutated cookies, that are destroying the world.

cookies must die by rebel twins epic action screenshot

Jack is not only a super-secret agent, but he also comes with special abilities to take down the enemies. Choose from a variety of weapons, combine them with abilities and show off your skill. The game mechanic is based on the slingshot technique. Tap Jack to slow the time down and be even more precise with your kills. While fighting your way through five levels, to defeat the boss at the end and enter a new chapter, you will be collecting in-game currencies. With those upgrade Jack and become even more powerful.

The game offers a 2D art style, with different looking enemies and scenarios. The game is free to play but offers in-app purchases. With in-app purchases, you can further your character and progress faster, but you get the option to turn IAP off in the settings.

The music in the game is fast and fun, making you wanna keep playing and exploring the level you’re in.

Did you play Cookies Must Die or any other from Rebel Twins? How do you like them? Let us know on Twitter!

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