Devolver Digital announced three new mobile titles for Netflix Games

Trio of Devolver Titles Revealed!

With the announcement that three brand new games would premiere for mobile on the famed entertainment platform, renowned mobile phone owners Devolver Digital have turned their private Netflix Games obsession into a professional one in the Netflix Geeked Week 2022.

Netflix Games to feature brand new titles from Devolver Digital

Here are the three titles announced by Deveolver Digital for Netflix Games:

1. Reigns: Three Kingdoms

Reigns: Three Kingdoms, the fifth installment in developer Nerial’s award-winning franchise, will be released later this year. The game is based on the renowned Chinese epic The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which immerses players in the chaotic closing years of the Han dynasty.

They will come face to face with the saga’s numerous factions, wars, and heroes as they negotiate, marry to reinforce alliances, and convert to obtain more power. As you learn the various secrets of a massive storyline and a slew of surprise mini-games, you’ll find new ways to enjoy Reigns’ distinctive swiping gameplay.

 2. Terra Nil 

Terra Nil
Image via Devolver

Terra Nil from Free Lives (Broforce) is a reverse city builder about ecosystem rehabilitation set in 2023. Transform a barren wasteland into an ecological haven with a diverse range of vegetation and creatures. After that, tidy up and leave the environment in perfect condition. Terra Nil is a game that subverts the builder genre by focusing on the rehabilitation of a damaged environment.

3. Poinpy

Poinpy is a colorful climbing game from the designer of Downwell about crushing fruits and generating juice to keep a hungry beast nourished, and it’s available to download and play right now on Netflix Games for Android users.

While the greedy beast pursues you from below, bounce your way up a fruit-filled cave. Rebound around stages created at random, gathering all of the luscious fruits the beast requests, then pound the ground to juice them up.

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