eFootball 2023 version update 2.3.0 brings new events and rewards

The update drops on 22nd December!

The developers at Konami have announced the launch of version update 2.3.0 in their most popular soccer title, eFootball 2023. The update is scheduled to drop in on 22nd December 2022 and going by their official Twitter handle as well as in-game announcements, this is going to be the last update of this year.

An update amidst the ongoing Football Festival has triggered a lot of buzz and excitement among eFootball fans. In this article, we are going to do a breakdown of the eFootball 2023 version update 2.3.0 and see what rewards are in store for fans once they log in post installing the update.

eFootball 2023 Version Update 2.3.0 Overview

Updates and Fixes

  • A few Campeonato Brasileiro (Brazilian League) teams’ player rosters have been updated.
  • Updates have been made to player and manager data.
  • The information for Boots, Strips, Commentary, and Pictures has also been updated.

Fixes and modifications to the gameplay

  • The following areas have received minor updates: Dribbling, Passing, Traps, Defense, and Fouls.
  • Players’ positions during a Match-up have undergone a few minor changes.
  • To make the vs AI games look and feel more realistic, several small alterations and repairs have been implemented.
  • Even with the Cursor Change set to “Manual,” there was a bug that may cause the cursor to move needlessly. This issue has been fixed.

Rewards Lined Up

1. Free Chance Deal

Post installation, all users who log in will be rewarded with one free chance deal in the Germany Great Captains Epic Player Pack. However, users must install the update and log in by 01:59 UTC on 26th December to be eligible for the reward. Upon logging in, the free Chance Deal will get immediately added to your inbox.

eFootball 2023 version update 2.3.0 Germany Great Captains Pack
Image via Konami

The Epic players lined up in this week’s Germany Great Captains pack are:

  • K. Rummenigge
  • F. Beckenbauer
  • L.Matthaus(Epic Big Time)

2. eFootball International Cup Rewards

The rewards for the recently concluded eFootball International Cup will also be sent out post the version update 2.3.0. During this event, users were asked to choose 1 National Side as their Base team. A total of 1 Billion eFootball Coins is lined up to be distributed among the top 35 nations/region based on their Ranking.

eFootball International Cup Event Rewards
Image via Konami

To give you a quick insight into this Brazil, Turkey, Japan, and Argentina have finished as the top 5 Nations. While these nations will be receiving eFootball Coins for all three fronts, viz Overall Ranking, Weekend Showdown, and Goals Galore, the remaining 30 nations won’t be rewarded for their Overall Ranking irrespective of the position that they have finished in. You can check out the final rankings of each team here.

3. Compensation Rewards

All users who have created accounts by December 22, 2022, 2:00 (UTC), will receive a total of 15,000 GP prizes as compensation for the issues that have been fixed.

eFootball 2023: Future Roadmap

Further up in this article we will be discussing the future plans revealed by Konami with regard to the Epic, Epic (Big Time) Player cards, and the new additions lined up for future updates.

Upcoming Epic and Epic Big Time Player Cards

As a part of the Football Festival, Konami has announced that new Epic and Epic Big Time player cards will be making their way into the game. The Festive Season Campaign will be running till the 12th of January next year. So, you can expect to see these players during this period:

eFootball 2023 version 2.3.0 upcoming Epic Big Time Cards
Image via Konami

Epic Player Cards

  • K. Rummenigge
  • F. Beckenbauer
  • Kaka

Epic Big Time Player Cards

  1. L. Matthaus
  2. D.Stojkovic
  3. David Villa
  4. Zico
  5. P.Viera
  6. F.Cannavaro
  7. R.Van Nistelrooy
  8. F.Rijkaard
  9. C.Makelele

Future Updates

1. Introduction of Master League in the mobile version

For those who do not know, Master League is paid content that is available in the console version of eFootball 2023. It bears a resemblance to the Career Mode in FIFA. Konami is now planning to introduce Master League for mobile users as well. However, it is all set to come as Paid Content. As of now, no exact date has been announced but Konami has plans to launch it sometime in 2023 in one of the version updates. We have to stay tuned for further details on it from the Developer House.

2. Expansion of Teams and Leagues under Authentic Teams

Considering the feedback of users, eFootball had previously announced a road map wherein they had said that as a part of the winter update, they would be expanding the number of teams and leagues to choose from, under Authentic Teams. This would be paid content.

That is, you need to either spend money or maybe a certain amount of eFootball Coins to unlock these Teams/Leagues. Authentic Teams being an offline mode did not interest users much. With this being the last update of the year, many speculated that this expansion will be implemented post this update. However, more teams to choose from to play against could drag some users toward this mode. Hence, we can speculate it is in Konami’s future plans.

3. Introduction of Cross-Platform Matches

This is perhaps the most exciting news for fans. Earlier this year, Konami announced that they would be introducing Cross-Platform Matches with the winter update. That is, Console users and Mobile users can play against each other via Online Matchmakings and Friend Match lobby. However, version update 2.30.0 did not see this inclusion. It would be exciting to see how they carry out this transition and if they live up to their words or not.

4. Addition of some editing features

Konami had also listed making certain editing features available to users post the winter update 2022. So we can speculate the addition of some editing features in the game sometime in 2023 since this update file circumvented it.

Final Thoughts

The future of eFootball looks promising, given the developers stay true to their words. The way they execute the cross-platform play by simultaneously negating all the glitches would certainly be interesting to see. Master League, even though paid content would definitely fetch some new fans to play this popular soccer title.

How excited are you about the eFootball 2023 version update 2.3.0? Let us know in the comments.

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