eFootball 2023 The complete Match Pass Guide and Tips

Is the new Match Pass worth your coins and cash?

Amidst a host of new events, player cards, and reward systems, version update 2.2.0 has introduced a brand new concept in eFootball 2023, known as Match Pass. Players who have played EA Sports’ FIFA Mobile would argue that the idea is similar to that of Star Passes in FIFA mobile which comes with tonnes of in-game rewards and icons. However, in this eFootball 2023 Guide, we are going to talk about the new Match Pass concept introduced in the game, the various types of Match Pass available in-game, and the rewards that can be claimable for the same. We are also going to discuss whether it is worth going after them, from an economical perspective.

eFootball 2023 Match Pass: Overview

Match Pass is a special in-game reward system that allows users to unlock a variety of goodies, including Nominating Contracts, Training Level Programs, Contract Renewal Tickets, and many more. As we all know, these things strengthen and improve the squad and player stats. The idea is comparable to the Season Pass idea that many video games use. With the advent of Match Pass, you may now earn more rewards for playing each game. The more matches you play, the more rewards you get.

Match Pass Tiers

As of now, Match Pass comes in three tiers:

1. Regular Match Pass

Regular Match Pass is free for everyone. Anyone who plays the game can avail of the Regular Match Pass. That is, the rewards claimable from Regular Match Pass can be earned by just playing the game. It is similar t that of the Season Pass Event system in various video games that reward users with various in-game resources upon successful completion of Objectives. Rewards claimable from this Tier are mostly in-game resources in the form of Nominating Contract Tickets, Level Training Programs, Contract Renewal Tickets, etc.

eFootball 2023 Mission Pass Tiers
Image via Konami

2. Value Match Pass

Unlike the Regular Match Pass, the Value Match Pass Tier requires eFootball Coins for a one-time unlocking. These matchups come with various rewards like Experience Points, Nominating Contract Tickets (3-Stars, 4-Stars, and 5-Stars), eFootball Coins, and a Trending Player Card. You need to spend 250 eFootball Coins for availing of the Value Match Pass rewards for the very first time. After that, the eFootball Coins required would double up.

3. Premium Match Pass

Just like the Value Match Pass, the Premium Match Pass Tier requires eFootball Coins for a one-time unlocking. While you need an in-game investment of 500 eFootball Coins for the very first time, a total of 1000 eFootball Coins are required for unlocking and redeeming rewards from this tier, then onwards.

eFootball 2023 Match Pass: Reward Tiers

Match Pass TierClaimable Rewards
Regular11 x 4,000 Experience Points
6 x 10,000 Experience Points
2 x 3-Star Nominating Contract Tickets
1 x 4-Star Nominating Contract Tickets
1 x 5-Star Nominating Contract Tickets
1 Contract Renewal Ticket
Value11 x 4,000 Experience Points
6 x 10,000 Experience Points
2 x 3-Star Nominating Contract Tickets
1 x 4-Star Nominating Contract Tickets
1 x 5-Star Nominating Contract Tickets
1 Contract Renewal Ticket
200 eFootball Coins
1 Highlight Player Card( G.Bale can be redeemed in this cycle)
Premium24 x 10,000 Experience Points
4 x 3-Star Nominating Contract Tickets
2 x 4-Star Nominating Contract Tickets
2 x 5-Star Nominating Contract Tickets
1 Contract Renewal Ticket
300 eFootball Coins
1 Highlight Player Card( D.Tadic can be redeemed in this cycle)
Info via Konami

eFootball 2023 Match Pass: Resource Management

Now that we are familiar with the concept of Match Pass, let us try to analyze whether they are worth going after. We are going to discuss all the pros and cons. of going after a Match Pass Tier and decide whether we should go for them or not. Additionally, if we should invest in Match Pass, what should be the ideal time to do so? We will understand all of that in this segment.

However, we have taken only the Value and Premium Match Pass Tiers in our discussion. Regular Match Passes are free for all and you should not miss out on anything that your favorite game gives you for free. Therefore, you must not miss out on the free rewards claimable from Regular Match Pass Rewards.


  • The first and foremost advantage is getting your hands on the elusive Contract Renewal Tickets. As we know, Contract Renewal Tickets are used for Renewing the Contracts of your Expired Legendary Cards. However, they are very hard to come by and can only be exchanged at a steep price of 25,000 eFootball Points. So getting even one Contract Renewal Ticket within 500 eFootball Coins is no less than a bargain in eFootball 2023.
  • The second clear advantage is getting those Nominating Contracts that can be used to redeem your favorite players, available for redeeming in the Nominating Contract Pack. They are another means of strengthening your line-up and decorating it with the ideal players.
  • The final advantage that you have is getting those exclusive Highlight Player Cards which cannot be earned from anywhere else.
eFootball Match Pass
Image via KONAMI


When you earn something in the form of resources, the only negative factor is perhaps the price that you need to pay for it. Unlike the previous seasons, eFootball Coins are now no less than a scarce resource and are very difficult to earn. First-time redemption prices for Value and Premium Match Pass are 250 and 500 eFootball Coins respectively.

Next time onwards, it becomes 500 and 1,000 eFootball Coins respectively. However, they return you 200 and 300 eFootball coins back as rewards. Economics suggests that you are effectively investing a total of 300(500-200) eFootball Coins for Value Match Pass and 700(1,000-300) eFootball Coins for Premium Match Pass.

eFootball 2023 Match Pass Guide: Tips and Tricks

One might argue that even though we are investing eFootball Coins, we are getting loads and loads of rewards back in exchange. However, you have to understand that apart from Nominating Contracts and 1 Contract Renewal Ticket, the other resources i.e., the Experience Points and Training Level Programs are widely available and can be obtained by just grinding the in-game tour events.

We are definitely not asking you to not go for the Match Pass rewards. When you have eFootball Coins you can definitely go for them. But, remember Nominating Contracts have an expiration date. Hence, you should go for the Match Pass redemption, only when your favorite player turns up in one of the Nominating Contract packs.

eFootball 2023 Nominating Contract Packs
Image via Konami

If your Nominating Contracts expire or they do not get the desired players, that would be under-utilization of resources. For instance, if you feel that this week’s Nominating Contract Packs are not that useful for you, just hold back and wait till the ideal players show up.

If you waste your coins on say Premium Match Pass now and again a few days later, you would be losing out 1500 eFootball Coins (500+1000) and would get only 600 in return. But if you hold back now till the time is ripe, you will be requiring the first-time charge and can also get to redeem your favorite player at the same time. That way, you are saving yourself 700 eFootball Coins (900-200). So, you benefit both ways.

That’s all from us for the eFootball 2023 Match Pass Guide! Did you find our eFootball 2023 Match Pass Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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